Friday, 30 October 2015

Dystopian legions Black Watch

This week I've been finishing off my Dystopian legions Black watch and starting the sky hussars and light dragoons knightly order plus adding shelves to my geek section.
The black watch are similar to line infantry but also love a bit of close up fighting. My favourite model of these is the one holding the Nock gun. These models are nicely detailed and easy to put together. (just requires the gun sticking onto body).
After adding more shelves to my little corner of the house I now can display more models plus put them higher out of reach of my roving two year old! Am also making room for when my kickstarter terrain arrives which fingers crossed will be mid November.
The sky hussars and knightly order dragoons are almost done mainly just basing them now so pics will be up soon of them.
On a non miniature related matter I'm also counting down the days to when fallout 4 is released roll on November 10th for the grand daddy of post apocalyptic video games !!!
Have a great week guys

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