Sunday, 4 October 2015

Been a while I know

Hello everyone,  been quiet for a bit as I've been on holiday. I did take some models to paint but having a two year old and a 2 month old didn't leave a lot of time for painting more recovering on sofa after playing with them all day :-) I also forgot my lamp which means I bodged together a light using my phone and sons shoe obviously not ideal so I'll hopefully carry on with my Kingdom of Brittanica line infantry soon.
Almost finished my zombie rules s scenarios,  I think the rules are finished bar any testing. So just making 8 scenarios to pay through the rules. On the last scenario now,  then I can start gathering miniaturesand scenery to play it. I've bought the Use me zombie rules to compare with my own rules to see how they stack up.
Come November my kickstarter terrain should arrive, had an update from the man who is currently laser cutting a LOT of buildings so can't wait for mine to arrive. Also on kick starter a week or so ago I found a new skirmish games from Icararus miniatures. The models looked really good especially the gunslinger. This model was one of the first pledges so I thought I would dive in near the end date. When I logged on unfortunately the kickstarter had been cancelled as it wasn't going to reach its target. I was gutted,  luckily I went to the Facebook page and they said it would be going on sale soon so I'm keeping a beady eye out.
Have a great day!

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