Friday, 30 October 2015

Dystopian legions Black Watch

This week I've been finishing off my Dystopian legions Black watch and starting the sky hussars and light dragoons knightly order plus adding shelves to my geek section.
The black watch are similar to line infantry but also love a bit of close up fighting. My favourite model of these is the one holding the Nock gun. These models are nicely detailed and easy to put together. (just requires the gun sticking onto body).
After adding more shelves to my little corner of the house I now can display more models plus put them higher out of reach of my roving two year old! Am also making room for when my kickstarter terrain arrives which fingers crossed will be mid November.
The sky hussars and knightly order dragoons are almost done mainly just basing them now so pics will be up soon of them.
On a non miniature related matter I'm also counting down the days to when fallout 4 is released roll on November 10th for the grand daddy of post apocalyptic video games !!!
Have a great week guys

Saturday, 24 October 2015

The week that was

This week I've been quite busy so only made up my Dystopian legions knightly order. Coming out of the bubble wrapping I cleaned off all the little bits still stuck on the model from the casting process then had to figure out what went where. They were quite fiddly sticking the lower arms onto the rest of the model was exceedingly difficult!  After much cursing some weeping I managed it. They were attached to the base, now I just want to add some bushes to the base. For this I have some of tough string that I might base on milliput and add to the base maybe with some stones.
Also out last week is the Gunslinger from Icarus model. I love this model and will hopefully be getting it soon.
Have a good day!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Don't Forget the Fluff!

Finally my Dystopian legions stuff arrived! Can't wait to put them together. Once I fought my way through the packaging I got to the goodies. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. Not by the products themselves the models look great though they don't have instructions so gonna have to fire up the brain and have a fiddle. The packaging around the models was a white box, the models all wrapped up in bubble wrap and a slip of paper saying the rules are online. Not what I was expecting. The starter set I bought had a box with great art work and had with some cards with stats on for the miniatures. What I got today felt like someone had just thrown the models in a box and sent them to Wayland games to send to me. I get some of it is due to cost cutting etc but surely a proper box isn't too much effort?  Part of why I love gaming is the fluff,  the art work,  the little stories etc. This is what I loved when you open up some newly purchased  models, rules etc. When I first got into 40k I loved the background stuff for all the models. Reading the pdf rules for Dystopian legions is great the artwork is nice and lots of little descriptions really sell it so this is why I was a little sad with my plain white box.
On a minor point pdfs are great for allowing access to rules at a cheaper price but man I miss a good printed rulebook. The last one I bought was for Across the Dead earth. It's a great book with all the fluff I love.
So basically I love all the background to games some people love the painting side but me I love playing and absorbing all the background history that goes with it. Hopefully I'll get the models put together soon.
Have a great day

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dystopian Legions Line Infantry

Just finished my section (with the exception of one tiny job) of Kingdom of Britannica. The models themselves are really nice lots of detail. A few had little bits of sprue or something from casting process that had to be removed. The only major issue that I had (though I hadn't noticed until I sat down to paint them) was the lieutenant who appeared to be missing a hand!! Going to rectify this by trying to give him a hook as he's a grizzled veteran.
Painting them was fairly simple I went with the old red coats with white trousers, they are blue on the box but hey I grew up watching Sharpe and love it so white trousers it is!  Obviously more justice would have been done to the models with someone else's painting skill but I'm slowly learning. Now starting the black watch section.
Have a great day guys

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Good 'ole days!

Just received a ps4 copy of blood bowl 2! Not strictly a table top game but it used to be!  I remember playing it when it came out. Though it was terrible at it!  loved the character of the game and the star players were hilarious,  chainsaw wielding goblin, a goblin on a pogo stick!  And the dwarf death roller! The board looked great and you even got a board for you subs injuries and deaths.
Well the game it self looks good gone as far as I can tell is the blitz mode strictly turn based which is not a problem for me. The computer dice rolls which in the first games always felt weighed against you seem to have been solved. Only gripe so far is the campaign only let's you start with a human team.
You play the Riekland reavers who are at their lowest and you seem to have to bring them back to the top.
Jim and Bob the commentators are back too! There are the standard teams,  humans, dwarfs, orcs, chaos, skagen and newest the Bretonian. Other teams will be available as DLC (downloadable content)  for a small fee as is the way of the world I guess. Only two games into to campaign so not seem all the features yet as it seems to start you off slowly to get used to playing it.
So far it's quite good for fans of blood bowl I'm not sure how new players will take to ít though.
Have a great day folks

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Been a while I know

Hello everyone,  been quiet for a bit as I've been on holiday. I did take some models to paint but having a two year old and a 2 month old didn't leave a lot of time for painting more recovering on sofa after playing with them all day :-) I also forgot my lamp which means I bodged together a light using my phone and sons shoe obviously not ideal so I'll hopefully carry on with my Kingdom of Brittanica line infantry soon.
Almost finished my zombie rules s scenarios,  I think the rules are finished bar any testing. So just making 8 scenarios to pay through the rules. On the last scenario now,  then I can start gathering miniaturesand scenery to play it. I've bought the Use me zombie rules to compare with my own rules to see how they stack up.
Come November my kickstarter terrain should arrive, had an update from the man who is currently laser cutting a LOT of buildings so can't wait for mine to arrive. Also on kick starter a week or so ago I found a new skirmish games from Icararus miniatures. The models looked really good especially the gunslinger. This model was one of the first pledges so I thought I would dive in near the end date. When I logged on unfortunately the kickstarter had been cancelled as it wasn't going to reach its target. I was gutted,  luckily I went to the Facebook page and they said it would be going on sale soon so I'm keeping a beady eye out.
Have a great day!