Sunday, 2 August 2015

More Terrain!

I've always fancied making some kind of water feature on a piece of terrain but never been brave enough  to try. I had some card left in my little potential terrain pile (which my wife hates)  so I thought I'd give it a whack. I cut several bits of card all the same shape (roughly)then keeping one whole I started cutting a hole in each getting slowly bigger as I went. I then glued these all on top of each othercreating a mound with a hole in that was small at bottom and bigger at the top. Now I needed something to seal the card board as whatever I used for water would soak into the card and be useless. Thought of a few options then a friend suggested polly filler! Nice and easy. So I used the filler to line the inside of the ' pond '  I added some to the edges of the terrain to make it look like more natural. Next I painted it a base coloured and added flock. I also added rubble type flock to the bottom of the pond. Now I fancied having something in the pond like a skeleton etc. After a brief search one of my best friend found one in his bits box. This had a noose on it so now I needed to add something for the poor fella to have hung himself on (he obviously couldn't cope with the apocalypse!) using milliput I sculpted a tree (sculpt in the loosest possible terms! But hey its my first go) just as I finished this my wife went into labour!!!! (cracking timing). 

After a few days sorting out the new arrival managed to paint  up the tree and toad stools etc. Then I added the water effect, I decided to experiment with clear nail varnish (pound land job). I poured on the varnish I'd been given a heads up that some of the flock would act like a sponge which it did so I added another bottle once the others had dried. The effect while not perfect I thinking ok. Next time I might try some kind of wood varnish. The varnish isn't fully dry on the pics but I'm thinking it will take a few days to dry out. if it dramaticly changes when its dry I'll post an updated picture. :-)

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