Sunday, 30 August 2015

Another week

Another week, my modelling kinda has stalled mainly because I've painted all the models I had waiting for across the dead earth. The terrain kickstarter I've pledged on finished in a matter of hours so come November I'll have a bundle of new terrain to sort out. Delving into the half finished  miniatures pile I'm going to start on my Dystopian legions stuff. I bought the kingdom of Brittanica starter set so will start these soon. I've also been mulling with the idea of a 15mm zombie game. I love zombie games but haven't found one that deals with fighting a large horde (like Yonkers in World War Z and other battles from the book)  I've wrote a blog about this for. Last night I was putting together a list of models. After a bit of research into British army infantry organisation I'm aiming at having a company made up of three platoons. Hopefully finance allowing I can add some apache helicopter support.
I've found some zombies plus I found a blog about how to make cheap zombie hordes here. So now just finishing up the rules I had made as I keep thinking of things!

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