Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Across the Dead Earth faction 4

Finished my fourth Across the Dead Earth gang. Bought from Dead Earth games the gang are called the Red Claw. I've used the models to make a gang of savages from an area known locally in Smethwick as the Concrete jungle. So naturally the gang is called the Concrete Jungle Savages.

The gangs leader is called Savage Sid. Born and raised in the Concrete jungle Savage became the leader by virtue of him being the loudest and scariest person there. He is known for carrying the head of his last kill around so he has am 'extra' set of eyes.

Clay is possibly the most sane member of the CJS as he just seems to like fighting and spending loot. If Savage needs a dependable ie not insane head for a job. Clay is the man.

Try Again Bragg (inspired and ripped from Gaunts Ghosts a 40k novel) is the gangs heavy support (in a way) he's big brash and a terrible shot. Prompting the nick name try again as nine times out of ten he'll need a second shot.

Woody is the teams assault merchant styling himself on a long forgotten king or  somebody called Slash he read about or possibly just saw a picture of once. 

Thermite is the gangs medic and resident pyromaniac. He has some medical knowledge but mainly suggests cauterizing most wounds!

River is as mad as a box of frogs but as lethal as a box of vipers. Using her small stature she regularly entices passing traders, wanderers and gangs etc into ambushes for the CJS. Where she happily gets stuck in wielding her axe with lethal efficiency.

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