Saturday, 15 August 2015

Across the Dead Earth Campaign

My friend and I are hoping to run a campaign for across the dead earth set in a post apocalyptic Smethwick (my home town) so I pulled up a map from Google and laminated it. Next I broke it down into segments or territories for the gangs to fight over. A few territories are down as settlements with names on as when I wrote the gangs bio I mentioned a settlement (the 78th Smethwick Irregulars are based in the Thorns an old sports stadium) Also added surgeons and bars which give bonuses to gangs who own them  (Surgeon gives you access to a surgeon bar let's you hire grunts the cheaper). Each territory has a points value. At the end of every game the gang can add up all its totals and get these points (taxes etc on local population). I've also dotted in the railway lines as I thought in a post apocalyptic world these would become quite popular trade and travel routes. If a gang owns territory that the railway passes through there is a chance you can tax a passing caravan.
There are five gangs to start with, three have settlements and two are moving into the area.
To take territories they have to be adjacent to one already owned,  if it is unoccupied you roll a D6 and might get a bit of loot or attacked by solus!
You can choose to raid or grab territory off another gang. To grab the territory you will need to play a take and hold game where you grab a selected objective with the most gang members (Alive ones!) and be in possession of it and the end of the game. Hopefully we will see how this can campaign goes  :-D

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