Sunday, 30 August 2015

Another week

Another week, my modelling kinda has stalled mainly because I've painted all the models I had waiting for across the dead earth. The terrain kickstarter I've pledged on finished in a matter of hours so come November I'll have a bundle of new terrain to sort out. Delving into the half finished  miniatures pile I'm going to start on my Dystopian legions stuff. I bought the kingdom of Brittanica starter set so will start these soon. I've also been mulling with the idea of a 15mm zombie game. I love zombie games but haven't found one that deals with fighting a large horde (like Yonkers in World War Z and other battles from the book)  I've wrote a blog about this for. Last night I was putting together a list of models. After a bit of research into British army infantry organisation I'm aiming at having a company made up of three platoons. Hopefully finance allowing I can add some apache helicopter support.
I've found some zombies plus I found a blog about how to make cheap zombie hordes here. So now just finishing up the rules I had made as I keep thinking of things!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Quiet week

Been a quiet week on the modelling front this week. As I've painted all my Across the dead earth gangs and scenery I'm a bit at a loss. I've got some Dystopian legions models to do so I think I'll start on them. I believe on the geek shelves there is also a space marine land speeder and razor back so they will have to go on the list.
In other news the terrain kick starter I blogged about earlier has done phenomenonly well. A requested £500 has so far raised £18,000!! And still has 8 days left. I'm hopefully getting the original building plus a free building and some free extra details :-) also another little building for a few extra quid. Supposed to be delivered November so I'll post some pictures etc up then.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Across the Dead Earth Campaign

My friend and I are hoping to run a campaign for across the dead earth set in a post apocalyptic Smethwick (my home town) so I pulled up a map from Google and laminated it. Next I broke it down into segments or territories for the gangs to fight over. A few territories are down as settlements with names on as when I wrote the gangs bio I mentioned a settlement (the 78th Smethwick Irregulars are based in the Thorns an old sports stadium) Also added surgeons and bars which give bonuses to gangs who own them  (Surgeon gives you access to a surgeon bar let's you hire grunts the cheaper). Each territory has a points value. At the end of every game the gang can add up all its totals and get these points (taxes etc on local population). I've also dotted in the railway lines as I thought in a post apocalyptic world these would become quite popular trade and travel routes. If a gang owns territory that the railway passes through there is a chance you can tax a passing caravan.
There are five gangs to start with, three have settlements and two are moving into the area.
To take territories they have to be adjacent to one already owned,  if it is unoccupied you roll a D6 and might get a bit of loot or attacked by solus!
You can choose to raid or grab territory off another gang. To grab the territory you will need to play a take and hold game where you grab a selected objective with the most gang members (Alive ones!) and be in possession of it and the end of the game. Hopefully we will see how this can campaign goes  :-D

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Across the Dead Earth faction 4

Finished my fourth Across the Dead Earth gang. Bought from Dead Earth games the gang are called the Red Claw. I've used the models to make a gang of savages from an area known locally in Smethwick as the Concrete jungle. So naturally the gang is called the Concrete Jungle Savages.

The gangs leader is called Savage Sid. Born and raised in the Concrete jungle Savage became the leader by virtue of him being the loudest and scariest person there. He is known for carrying the head of his last kill around so he has am 'extra' set of eyes.

Clay is possibly the most sane member of the CJS as he just seems to like fighting and spending loot. If Savage needs a dependable ie not insane head for a job. Clay is the man.

Try Again Bragg (inspired and ripped from Gaunts Ghosts a 40k novel) is the gangs heavy support (in a way) he's big brash and a terrible shot. Prompting the nick name try again as nine times out of ten he'll need a second shot.

Woody is the teams assault merchant styling himself on a long forgotten king or  somebody called Slash he read about or possibly just saw a picture of once. 

Thermite is the gangs medic and resident pyromaniac. He has some medical knowledge but mainly suggests cauterizing most wounds!

River is as mad as a box of frogs but as lethal as a box of vipers. Using her small stature she regularly entices passing traders, wanderers and gangs etc into ambushes for the CJS. Where she happily gets stuck in wielding her axe with lethal efficiency.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Update to terrain kickstarter

The kickstarter campaign I mentioned in another blog has been funded already! They asked for £500 and so far with 29 days ish to go they are upto £2799!!! Hopefully will get the terrain November time.

More Terrain!

I've always fancied making some kind of water feature on a piece of terrain but never been brave enough  to try. I had some card left in my little potential terrain pile (which my wife hates)  so I thought I'd give it a whack. I cut several bits of card all the same shape (roughly)then keeping one whole I started cutting a hole in each getting slowly bigger as I went. I then glued these all on top of each othercreating a mound with a hole in that was small at bottom and bigger at the top. Now I needed something to seal the card board as whatever I used for water would soak into the card and be useless. Thought of a few options then a friend suggested polly filler! Nice and easy. So I used the filler to line the inside of the ' pond '  I added some to the edges of the terrain to make it look like more natural. Next I painted it a base coloured and added flock. I also added rubble type flock to the bottom of the pond. Now I fancied having something in the pond like a skeleton etc. After a brief search one of my best friend found one in his bits box. This had a noose on it so now I needed to add something for the poor fella to have hung himself on (he obviously couldn't cope with the apocalypse!) using milliput I sculpted a tree (sculpt in the loosest possible terms! But hey its my first go) just as I finished this my wife went into labour!!!! (cracking timing). 

After a few days sorting out the new arrival managed to paint  up the tree and toad stools etc. Then I added the water effect, I decided to experiment with clear nail varnish (pound land job). I poured on the varnish I'd been given a heads up that some of the flock would act like a sponge which it did so I added another bottle once the others had dried. The effect while not perfect I thinking ok. Next time I might try some kind of wood varnish. The varnish isn't fully dry on the pics but I'm thinking it will take a few days to dry out. if it dramaticly changes when its dry I'll post an updated picture. :-)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Terrain Kickstarter

Spotted on Facebook this kickstarter. It's for laser cut MDF terrain with moving parts and lights! They look really cool, I've gone for a power station with lights. The pledges are reasonably priced and there are lots of choices from objective markers to large scale buildings. Go check it out and have a butchers :-)