Saturday, 27 June 2015

Wargaming Reminiscing

I thought I would have a bit of a look back at what eat gangs o used to play so forgive me a bit of nostalgia,.
First memory of Wargaming was when I was around 13 ish and my cousins and I saved our spending money from Warwick Castle to buy a box of space Marines from Games Workshop (The ones with the pointy helmets). From there I dabbled in space Marines,  imperial guard,  eldar, orks, empire, dwarfs, Brettonians and Epic 40k (tiny soldiers but massive tanks!).
Then came along Blood Bowl,  Warhammer Quest and necromunda (possibly GW best game system? And multi storey scenery was astonishing to an amateur like myself) I seemed to like these games more as you got to grow a character, team or gang over a period of time that added much more to the gaming experience for me. Slowly I stopped playing mainly because games workshop kept putting the prices up.
Always kept an eye on games workshop as I love the books they release. Then in last few years slowly got back into tabletop gaming where I've discovered the is so much more to tabletop gaming than games workshop!!!
Now I have a dystopian legions force to paint up,  some space Marines (bit of nostalgia for me plus my friend painted me an awesome space wolf for my birthday!) and the newest find across the Dead Earth where I have three gangs painted for that. Also on the horizon mentioned in another blog I've pledged on a kick starter for the shattered crown. If money wasn't an issue there are lots more systems or there I would collect (my wife is dreading a lottery win ha ha ha)  such as Firestorm armada, star wars armada,  dust tactics and this is not a test are just a few!
Barring a lottery win I'll just have to collect these slowly over time!

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