Thursday, 11 June 2015

Post apocalyptic scenery

I'm gathering a fair collection of ruined and post apocalyptic terrain. Mostly  it's ruins made from foam board (£7 for 2 A1 sheets). I made the basic templates my self then cut them out and pva glued them together. This gives the game table a good ruined town feel.  I'm hoping soon to get some roads from
These guys do awesome pdfs that you print off your self. They do roads buildings rivers etc. You should definitely check them out. Now is love to be able to show you pics as we go except the blogger app does not let you do this easily :-( so I'll stick them at the end. The biggest ruin I have is a line of three terraced houses. This was also the most awkward to pva! That's why there is only one!  Gonna paint them a basic grey and add some flock. Should give with roads a nice ruined town feel. To add to this we obviously need abandoned vehicles. I've got a few so far but need to scour some car boots for the right scale of toy car. I have a few pick up trucks, a lorry and a bendy bus. I also have an abandoned vehicle I entered in an Across the Dead Earth gaming group terrain competition. The bus and maybe lorry need some flock to give them a bit of an overgrown look. Also have started to gather scatter terrain such as trees, craters etc.
Plus all these can be used in other war games such as Mars Attacks etc.

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