Sunday, 21 June 2015

Across the Dead Earth Factions #3 Finally I've repainted my first ATDE gang the "78th Smethwick Irregulars " Based out of a settlement made in a ruined sports stadium simply known now as 'the Thorns'. They are led by Sarge. He likes loot and more loot. He's very handy with his axe and shotgun should someone else think that the loot is theirs.
Doc Rita is the gangs medic though she is equally happy dishing out pain with her shotgun or pain relief with her medic bag.
Selene is a born fighter, raised as a slave and trained in the bearwood fighting cages until one day she snapped and escaped after killing her owner and ten guards the new fighting pit owner decided it would be best (for his health to) to let selene go.
Dead Eye Dave is the gangs crack shot, he spent his teenage years high in the watchtowers of the Thorn keeping the borders to the Valley c─║ear of God knows what. Sarge offered him a chance to earn more loot and see the world but mainly earn more loot
Adahy was a forest kin living in the Valley until he ate some strange coloured mushrooms and woke up naked in the Thorn's town square. Sarge intervened when some of locals fancied a lynching now adahy is part of the Irregulars
SNAFU is a plain oddball but always good to have around in a fight. If you don't mind him talking to his giant rat skin coat. 'charlie' is snafu's advisor, friend etc he'll always look to charlie in times of trouble.
That's the 78th Smethwick Irregulars all set to fight it out in the ruins of Smethwick.

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