Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Across the Dead Earth Factions #2 The next gang to scrap over the post apocalyptic Smethwick is Section 14. A unit of state troops heading out of New Venice (The flooded remains of London) to spread the glory of the State to the savage midlanders. The state believe they are the government in the. F-UK (former United Kingdom) and everyone should obey them. In the interest of openness and fairness I think I need to share that I bought these pre painted off eBay for £4
Lieutenant Tanner was raised in new Venice and is a firm believer in the state's ideology and is determined to make sure all settlements and cities poverty the state.
Sgt Rico is Tanners right hand man, brought into the state by Tanner after Tanner saved Rico from a tribe of angry forest Kin.
Eddie joined the state's military to get out of the city see the country and kill people. Several higher ups are concerned about Eddie's attitude bit Tanner keeps him in check..
Cool, calm and cold as Ice. Not a lot is known about Kara and that's the way she likes it (if she had feelings) Give her a target and get the hell out the way'!
Natasha is the demo specialist and has an affinity with her missile launcher. Truth be told she likes blowing things up and the state don't appreciate explosions on the capital.
Jessie is the newest member of Section 14. She used to be a Choobie living on the tunnels under new Venice jeweler she have it all up to get out onto the city. Thanks to her Choobie upbringing her sense of direction is second to known. And that's Section 14 ready to do battle on the post apocalyptic battlefield.

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