Saturday, 28 February 2015

Just a Quick Blog!

Last night I played the  Mars Attacks board game. I got this game for Christmas but have only just got the time to have a sit down with a good fiend and play through a few scenarios.
The box contents everything you need to play. In the rulebook there are around ten scenarios, the first one is more designed to teach you the rules and they slowly add more challenges as you move through the scenarios.
In the box you get around twelve Martians,  ten US soldiers and the civilian heroes. The models are good quality though sometimes the gun barrels seem to get bent a little in transit. You get a mat to play on with depicts a T-junction and sone plastic ruins which clip together fairly easily (I clicking them together looks more complicated than it is)  you also get some nice street furniture to add to the game.
The rules are really easy to grasp with it being based around D8 Rolls. The turn allows each player to 'activate' up to two models,  then the opposition can do the same. I like this as it makes the games more tactical as your opponent can react a lot quicker to things you do. The event cards you get each turn also add a nice twist to each game. (flaming cows running through the middle of the game board anyone?)
Overall really enjoyed this game :-)I like this trend of new games where everything you need is in the box a lot easier than collecting massive armies of models.
You can buy extra bits for the game so if you want to take it to large tabletop level you can.
Right that's me done for today. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

It's Been a While Hello everybody, sorry it's been a while since my last blog it has been a busy month with family and work etc. Today's post is a slightly shotgun approach to give you a rundown on the bits I've been working on since the last entry. First off of fancied making some sandbag positions s these can be used in any game system I'm playing. (Across the Dead Earth, Dystopian legions etc). I looked at a couple of ways of making them and settled on salt dough as this seemed the easiest to attempt plus my wife and son could get involved meaning a nice bit of family craft time. :-) We used a recipe of 2 cups of flour and one cup of salt and cold water. Mixed together to create a dough, we had to add extra for at some points because the dough was very sticky. Once I'd made the dough I would roll it into a sausage and cut sandbag sized chunks off. Some would need a bit of shaping but then you use each "sandbag " to start constructing a wall or gun position. I'm sure they are not technically correct but I think they look the part when painted and will do the job on a game board.
While scouring eBay for wargames stuff (a regular time waster of mine) I came across a few miniatures I liked the look off. One gang of suit wearing gangers but I missed out on those but I won this group of miniatures for £5!! Which I thought was quite a bargain. I plan on using them as a second gang for Across the Dead Earth. As an added bonus they are already painted!!
Next up is my main gang for Across the Dead Earth.The gang is called the 78th Smethwick Irregulars. I'll do another blog with a bit more fluff about the hang and is members. Please excuse the painting skill level as I'm years out of practice and want great to start with! The models are mostly necromunda gang models with a wood elf thrown in as a forest kin (more on that on the gangs blog post soon)
Last of my rambling now. I've read about foam board being used to make buildings for game boards so on my last trip to hobbycraft I picked up two A1 sheets of foam board for £7. I've found some templates for buildings online but I've also made some of my own up. In the pic below are my works in progress ruins. One I'm hoping looks like a row of three storey terraced houses. I wanted to add a bit of height to a battlefield and be able to have a nice built up area to scrap over. The other one is a smaller two storey ruins. I've kept the templates so hopefully I will have a nice collection of buildings to grace the game board.
Right that's it for now. Hopefully I will do some more blogs soon. This Friday I've got my first game of mars attacks so no doubt I will write about that!