Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Terrain!! The last few days I have been working on terrain. I'm currently doing two pieces. I'll do a separate entry for the one as it was a bit ambitious for a beginner like myself. I want to keep all my terrain non game specific so I can use it in all the games I play. I decided to make an abandoned car, I been inspired the guys on the Across the Dead Earth facebook group I'll say more about this tabletop game later when I've got the hang of this blogging malarkey as I want to do them justice as it's an awesome game and they are ultra helpful. I pilfered one of the son's old toy cars and grabbed a CD to base it First thibgs first,the tyres were pulled off(thankfully very easy to do on this car) and several washes of brown acrylic paint mixed with water. The CD was painted with a mix of green acrylic paint and pva glue. Next up was sand added to base and then another layer of pva/green paint.A few more washes on the car and I ended up with pic below.
The next stage was to dry brush the base. I've never done dry brushing before. So after some advice from the Across the Dead Earth group I gave it a go. The results are below
As you can see it did not go well. I was told I had not dried the brush enough. I was all ready to paint over and start again but was advised try a dry brush with yellow first to bring out the definition on the base. So I stepped once more into the breach! The results are below
I hope the photo shows the definition and makes it look more 'ground' like. Then I smashed the windows of the vehicle and attached it to the base. Some flocking around the wheels and here it is!
For a first ever go I'm quite happy with the results. I might add some bushes around the wheels. Thank you all for reading

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