Monday, 19 January 2015

A New Frontier

Hey out there,
I've been reading a few blogs recently and thought I would give it a go. I've just started getting back into war gaming (after an absence of about 12 years....god I'm old) and some board games. I'm hopefully going to start regular games up a lot more than I have been.
Now I'm quite an amateur at this so please bear with me (as a blogger) and as a painter. I'm hoping you (and me!) will see an improvement as we go.
Myself I'm just a regular 30 something, used to play Games Workshop when I was younger. Now rediscovering the world of war games and the amount of options that are out there. Currently on the go I have
Small Space Wolves force
A Necromunda gang (Goliaths)
A Kingdom of Britannia starter set force
The newest is a gang for a game called Across the Dead Earth which has just started up recently. I'll put more up about that in fourth coming blogs.
Any way thanks for reading!