Sunday, 25 January 2015

More Terrain! While working on my last piece of terrain (in my last blog) I've been working on a bigger bit of terrain where models can fight indoors as it were. I chose a bunker as my first attempt having come across some quite thick cardboard over Christmas. I measured up and cut the wall sections out and some interior walls to break up the interior. (good opportunity to hide round corners) these were all stuck down to a cardboard base. I didn't want the interior to be spartan so I started thinking of what to put inside but due to resources it would have to be home made or home sourced. I wanted the bunker to look overgrown and partly buried so I added filler around the sides and on the top edges (as the cardboard had holes at the edges). The hope was to sand the filler down so it would be smoother. Unfortunately this failed (mostly down to me being an amateur) I ploughed on anyway as this is one of my early attempts it would never be perfect.
For the interior I settled on a table with some maps on and sone old maps and posters on the walls. The table was made from lollipop socks and matches (very fiddly!!). The maps were doodled by me and aged by squashing used tea bags onto them (cue some strange looks by my wife). I surrounded two of the maps with cardboard and mounted them on the walls of the bunker. A couple of posters were put on some of the other walls then two maps left on the table.
The bunker was undercoated in black then painted grey, the filler green and the base dark green. Sand was added to base then painted over with dark green this was then dry brushed. (learnt from doing the car in my previous post) Railway flock was then added to the filler to make it look like the bunker was dug in and flock added to roof as well.
Things I learnt from this process are. 1) plan more don't go at it haphazard. 2) choose the materials you use well. The cardboard I used was Ok but the holes in the edges just added extra problems. 3) use of flock? I'm not sold on this and have yet to find a use for it where I'm totally happy with end result. I think the problem is you have to match the colour of the flock to the colour of your scenery. The base green was quite different to the flock green. Well that's all for now. Up next is the gang for the game Across the Dead Earth. The models are assembled and awaiting my clumsy hand to paint.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Terrain!! The last few days I have been working on terrain. I'm currently doing two pieces. I'll do a separate entry for the one as it was a bit ambitious for a beginner like myself. I want to keep all my terrain non game specific so I can use it in all the games I play. I decided to make an abandoned car, I been inspired the guys on the Across the Dead Earth facebook group I'll say more about this tabletop game later when I've got the hang of this blogging malarkey as I want to do them justice as it's an awesome game and they are ultra helpful. I pilfered one of the son's old toy cars and grabbed a CD to base it First thibgs first,the tyres were pulled off(thankfully very easy to do on this car) and several washes of brown acrylic paint mixed with water. The CD was painted with a mix of green acrylic paint and pva glue. Next up was sand added to base and then another layer of pva/green paint.A few more washes on the car and I ended up with pic below.
The next stage was to dry brush the base. I've never done dry brushing before. So after some advice from the Across the Dead Earth group I gave it a go. The results are below
As you can see it did not go well. I was told I had not dried the brush enough. I was all ready to paint over and start again but was advised try a dry brush with yellow first to bring out the definition on the base. So I stepped once more into the breach! The results are below
I hope the photo shows the definition and makes it look more 'ground' like. Then I smashed the windows of the vehicle and attached it to the base. Some flocking around the wheels and here it is!
For a first ever go I'm quite happy with the results. I might add some bushes around the wheels. Thank you all for reading

Monday, 19 January 2015

A New Frontier

Hey out there,
I've been reading a few blogs recently and thought I would give it a go. I've just started getting back into war gaming (after an absence of about 12 years....god I'm old) and some board games. I'm hopefully going to start regular games up a lot more than I have been.
Now I'm quite an amateur at this so please bear with me (as a blogger) and as a painter. I'm hoping you (and me!) will see an improvement as we go.
Myself I'm just a regular 30 something, used to play Games Workshop when I was younger. Now rediscovering the world of war games and the amount of options that are out there. Currently on the go I have
Small Space Wolves force
A Necromunda gang (Goliaths)
A Kingdom of Britannia starter set force
The newest is a gang for a game called Across the Dead Earth which has just started up recently. I'll put more up about that in fourth coming blogs.
Any way thanks for reading!