Friday, 9 November 2018

Been Awhile I Know

Hey people! Sorry I've been quiet for a while. I've been waiting on a new game pre order which has been put back till end of November which sucks. I was hoping to be able to show you all by now. Not much else has been done in the model front as a combination of night shifts and family holiday don't produce much hobby time.  Hopefully I'll pick up the pace soon. Got zombies to finish ☺. Starting to get the terrain bug again, so was looking at Gaslands boards. Came up with 2 designs both are 2ft x 4ft.  An odd size I know but I gotta think about storage. Though I will be doing some experiments to make sure the size actually works before building. 

First more complicated design

The first design (pictured above) is a more complicated one but I think the better of the 2. Plenty of variety, the track would be road and have dirt tracks around plus lots of other bits of terrain to crash into. Whether I could fit all that on a board will remain to be seen (like I mentioned needs to be experimented).

Design 2 the simpler one

This design is much more simpler in approach.  Still gives a bit of variety but with less bits on and all dirt track no roads.

I prefer the first idea but wether I can execute it is a different matter . What do you think guys?

Saturday, 27 October 2018

D&D Grackkus's Campaign Part 2

My monk snatched the sorcerers arm away quickly before the bag for a good hold. We opened the second big door and suddenly the rogue disappeared!!!!! The small corridor changed into a large corridor which we entered. We discovered a mirror with an image of our rogue in. The warlock struck the mirror but that didn't work and a voice boomed "I do not allow thieves here!"
We explored the surrounding corridors and discovered a room with a special font altar type thing. In draconic it said that fire cleanses everything so i lit a fire in the font and the mirror disolved revealing a very confused looking rogue.
We headed down the opposite corridor and located an old dusty bed chamber not quite child sized but not adult sized either.  There was a door at the other end.  After a quick search (heeding the words we had heard about thieves and being extra careful ) we moved on into a giant chamber.  On 2 sides were giant curtains and the 3 side was all glass. In the middle of the room was a large stone throne and on it stood the dwarf from the town!!

He seemed quite angry that we had made it so far. He had released the plague on the town himself. The barbarian threw a javelin at the dwarf, it sailed through the dwarf revealing it to be an illusion. The dwarf laughed and disappeared. The rogue threw her knife at the
Glass wall which shattered revealing a green dragon!!!!!!

The green dragon told us that he was the reason the plague existed and it was his blood that was causing it. He also said that we were promised to him as his next meal by the dwarf. A negotiation started which went rather badly when I tried to bribe the Dragon with his own gems I had found earlier!! The Dragon struck and caused a decent chunk of damage to me. I replied with a punch to the dragons face and then the group leapt into action. The barbarian raged and hacked away with his battle axe.  The dragon born sorcerer unleashed a devastating fire spell at the Dragon. We all landed hits (my monk not as many is have liked ), the dragon fought back hard and took to the air.  He swooped several times and attacked. The barbarian succumbed to a ferocious bite and the ensuing poison damage. As the Dragon swooped past again my monk leapt onto its back and plunged his spear into the dragons neck finally bringing it down with a crash. My monk deftly rolled to a safe landing besides the dead Dragon. Now I've been playing a lot of skyrim so naturaly I searched the dragon.  My monk located a key of sorts.  We located a chest behind  where the dragon had come from.  My key appeared to be part of some art work and clicking it in like completing a  jig saw opened the chest. Inside was a glowing vial of white liquid.  We believed this to be the cure so headed back to town. Knowing we couldn't trust the dwarf we went to the alchemy shop and asked the wizard his opinion. He said that it was the antidote and he could replicate it easily. He also asked the warlock for the first treasure he was given.  We assumed it was the 40 good I had shared out after looting the dead adventurers but no it wasn't that. After a while of no one having a clue the wizard took the warlock soul for his and became the warlocks patron!

(Now it was getting late into the evening so we needed to finish)

We decided the story was defintaly not done as we needed to have a word with this dwarf. Luckily the DM Jay had planned ahead in case we decided we wanted to go further.  All our characters levelled up to lvl 4. My monk getting an ability score increase (hello to a raise in armour class) and the slow fall ability.  This means when I fall I believe I can knock off 20 points of damage before I take any .

Great night and great adventure! Really enjoying D&D, need my kids to be a bit older so we can do it as a family 

D&D Grackkus's Campaign

Sort of what my monk Grackkus looks like but with a spear

Last night I did my second session of D&D. This was going to be a one shot written by my friend Jay though everyone agreed it was fun and the story has more to tell so at some point we will carry on.

Our group consisted of my Human Monk,  a Dragonborn sorcerer, a Lionfolk (home brew race by Jay) barbarian, a half Orc Warlock and an Elf Rogue.  This group had been together a while and had heard that the town of Arendale has been asking for adventurers to help them out. They are their way there and the adventure started in the tavern.  We had to meet in the town square at sunset to find out what is going on but we realised we had no healers in our group (oops!) So we headed to the local shops in search of healing potions. Plenty of adventurers had arrived in town so the shops were making good money. The general store was very sparse and was run by a sickly dark elf female. We left that shop with nothing and went to an alchemy shop.  Here the mysterious owner and his pet baby dragon eventually sold us some healing potions but not before our Warlock signed a contract  (to get a discount on potions ) to bring the first treasure he found back to the owner otherwise there would be consquences,  which we had no idea what as none of us read the contract (come on how many of you read the T&Cs lol)!! Our rogue had gone off being all mysterious she went into the shop after and also got a healing potion.  With that we headed off to the town square to found out what the fuss was about, on the way my monk asked a child slave what he knew and he mentioned the Lord's getting sick. My monk attempted to pull a gold coin from the boys ear to impress him but he messed it up and  managed to give the child 2 gold instead.
4 very ill looking lords of the town appeared looking quite sick and handed over to a very strong looking dwarf. He informed us that the nobility were getting sick from an unknown plague and the adventurers (there were quite a few groups in the square ) were to find the problem and stop it. A guard handed us a map and a key at the town entrance. On the map a cave was marked out as where the problem was believed to be. We headed off that way. We were were little concerned that the other adventuring parties would get there first so we pushed on through the night.
In the woods in the middle of the night we discovered bodies of adventurers that had been mauled by some kind of hound. After finding some gold and extra food rations we followed some tracks further into the woods. Flutes could be heard on the wind and unfortunately my monk, the half orc and dragon born fell asleep to the music. The elf was immune and the lionfolk was unaffected so carried on to find the source. They discovered 2 dark elf females playing flutes and sctattered around them were sleeping animals including 4 hell hounds.

Hell Hounds

The lionfolk barbarian leapt into action and took the flutes of the dark elves. With the music stopped everyone woke up including the hell hounds! They attacked the barbarian. The rogue straight up murdered one of the dark elves striking from out of know where. The other dark elf magiced her flute back and began to play again. Everyone but the elf rogue fell asleep! The rogue decided to take out the Hall Hounds while they were asleep and attacked.  The dark elf was not impressed, healed the Hell hound and after a negotiation we were woke up and sent our way for a few gold pieces . We soon discovered the cave entrance we were after.  We rested and monitored the cave while our elf rogue tranced away her exhaustion from moving all night (the rest of us had a lovely flute induced nap).  At the cave entrance there were 3 Cobalts on guard.


Our parties rogue tried to become one with a bush to sneak up on the cobalts but she slipped and got there attention.  After a failed attempt at trying to be a Cobalt the Lionfolk barbarian leapt into action. The 3 Cobalts quickly became 6 and surrounded the barbarian.  In the ensuring melee the rogue killed a Cobalt, my monk missed everything  and the barbarian in a very barbarian way settled the combat by beheading the Cobalts leader which made the others flee. Victory was ours, my monk grabbed a torch off the wall and headed into the cave. Thanks to his monks training he sensed the spike trap just microseconds before it activated and he dodged out of the way! We then came across 3 doors, one had a H on, one had an S on I believe, the last one had a D on and a picture of a Dragon.  Our sorcerer used the key we were given and unlocked the Dragon door. A choice boomed "you have chosen the wrong path! " the other doors disappeared so we were stuck on this path.  My monk being very Zen pushed on into the room ahead. The rooms floor was made up of big tiles and on 2 walls were big tapestries of a red and green dragon. It also had 2 doors in the far corner. As he stepped on one of the tiles it made a horrible creaking noise! ! Everyone went very careful checking each floor tile.  Some collapsed opening up to reveal pits of fire! ! The barbarian fell in one but managed to grab onto the edge and with the help of our Warlock pulled himself out. We made it to the other side of the room . The  Sorcerer investigated  the tapestry of the green dragon, it started to dissolve and revealed 2 big doors. The rogue picked the lock on one of the big doors revealing a small passage which she stepped in to be away from the dangerous tiles.  My monk looked at the 2 doors we had originally seen in the corner. In opening one he discovered a small chest. Inside was 6 healing potions and 4 pouches.

The pouches contained a gem worth around 1000 gold pieces. I discovered the one bag was a bag of holding and had at least 12 gems inside! ! I kept this 😉 and handed out the pouches and healing potions . The sorcerer out her hand into the bag to get her gem and it grabbed her!  Turns out it was a bag of devouring!

Bag of devouring!

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Dungeons and Dragons

Great night last playing Dungeons and Dragons. Started the starter set adventure but instead of the pre done characters we all had our own.
I took Ragnor my barbarian and there was a Drow rogue and half elf monk in the party. 

We started off  being asked to escort a wagon of provisions to a neighbouring town by a dwarf. Needless to say it did not to according to plan and we ended in a fight with some goblins. My barbarian did not show his best side in this encounter missed every swing and went down to 2 HP! !! Thankfully the monk kicked ass for us and saved our bacon.
We tracked the goblins to thier lair only falling foul of one trap on the way

After some rest we located the goblins cave.  2 goblins were on guard duty. Some excellent sneaking by the drow and barbarian (yep the barbarian! ) resulted in a sneak attack. Finally my barbarian did his job and demolished some goblins! ! We headed inside the cave.  My barbarian hanging back as the drow and half elf had dark vision so could see in the dark! We found a room with some wolves which we promptly killed.  Then thanks to locating a secret passage (which i won't mention much about as I don't wanna spoil the story for other people ) we found the goblin leader with 2 other goblins and a wolf.

They had know idea we were there so we set up a plan of attack.  2 goblins were between us and the goblin warlord. The monk with an excellent throw of 2 darts took out the 2 goblins.  The Drow hurled a dagger hitting the wolf and my barbarian hefted his spear and threw it into the goblin warlord. Battle then erupted! The Drow killed the wolf the half elf jumped off my characters back and flipped over the warlord hitting him from behind.  My barbarian then finished the warlord off slicing him in half with a mighty swing! We searched the room found some loot  and some stolen provisions with a company name on.  Could be useful and there might be a reward from a grateful owner.  We went off to explore the rest of the cave.  We located some more goblins.  The half elf and Drow succesfully sneaked up behind 2 out of 3 goblins.  The half elf stabbed a goblin in the head with a dart killing it but the Drow missed! My barbarian ran in and cut the goblin down. A third goblin tried to escape but was cut down with a dart. The monk was absolutely deadly! The Drows rolls were going the way my barbarians did in the first battle.  After more exploring we located a camp/maybe a sort of barracks where 5 goblins were sat around a fire. The my 2 stealthy companions slipped into the darkness behind the goblins.  My barbarian then stepped out into the firelight and demanded the goblins surrender!  The plan was to have my call for surrender reinforced by a rapier and quarterstaff appearing at the goblins necks seemingly out of no where. How ever as my character said this a 6 goblin appeared on a ledge above holding our employers companion and demanding a truce. He wanted the head of the warlord (treacherous git! ), the human being held hostage told us not to trust him. My barbarian not being the smartest shouted "he'd be back guys"  and went off to get the  warlords head.  The goblins started to look around for anyone who could be there. Thanks to some excellent stealth the Drow scrambled up to the ledge where the goblin was holding his hostage.  The half elf soon followed but they could not get close enough. My barbarian returned and threw the warlords head to the floor. "Let the human go and be one you way!". Using this distraction the Drow and half elf got behind the goblin and human.  The half elf in an epic "This is Sparta!!" moment  kicked the goblin in the back sending him off the ledge. The Drow grabbed the human....and missed! The human tumbled to the floor going unconcious the goblin fell screaming as my barbarian swing his greatsword up and hacked the goblin apart as it fell! At this sight the 5 goblins fled last the barbarian.  Who with an opportunity attack took three of their heads off!! (I love DM discretion!!). After the battle we had a look around and my character found a shiny dagger which he gave to the Drow as he had lost his. We then loaded up the stolen supplies we had found and headed into town. We got a nice reward of gold for returning the stolen supplies and our fee for taking the original provisions into town.  After that it was off to the tavern!

A good night of drinking was had.  The Drow even swindled some patrons with his loaded dice. 
That day we had also learned that some bandits were causing problems for the town.  So obvously we decided in the morning to go and have a word with these ruffians at their tavern.
Next morning  We headed off and found their tavern with 3 thugs outside. They told is to run along and not to disturb we killed them!  The town master was not impressed as he said more would come. A pointed out that the towns folk wanted the bandits out and they couldn't come back if we went and killed them all. The town master told us where they were and off we went.

We stopped there as it was late and the DM said the next bit was a big bit.
Great night was had  and I really enjoyed D&D!

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Last Days Zombie Apocalypse

I've been in the Facebook group for this game for a while. I've heard and seen good things about the game so when my birthday came up I decided to ask for the book as a present.

It's a nice chunky  hard backed book with great art work and as I always love clear text  (yeah my eyes suck). The idea of the game is you have a band of survivors and fight other groups for supplies and  fight zombies as well. The supplies are to upgrade your group and your refuge.  A refuge is your groups base of operations (If you played the game think State of Decay and the ability to have a base with various add ons). You can select from a list including churches,  police station and a mall. Each one comes in with built in perks but you can add extras on.  This is great as it encourages you to model your own refuge as a terrain piece.

To make a group you have a set number of salvage points to use. You choose your leader. In the game there are 4 types of character. Trained (police, army etc),  Selfless (paramedic, vicar etc), Selfish (gang member etc) and neutral. The leader you pick will either be trained, selfless or selfish. From which ever leader you chose the biggest percentage of the group has gonna the same trait. So a selfless group will have a majority of selfless characters in. Thisss is a nice way of giving your group a bit of back story already. Could they be workers and volunteers from a long abandoned medical checkpoint, a street gang taking advantage of the apocalypse or a squad of soldiers sticking together long after their army unit has been overrun. For each character trait (selfless etc) there are a couple of options such as firefighter, SWAT member, soldier etc.  These come with certain skills that they would have used in their old jobs. There are also just survivors who are neutral and you can choose skills for them. 
Once you chosen you characters you need to buy weapons.  There are certain weapons that only trained people can have and some weapons are rare so you will only have one or two in a group.   You can also purchase medical kids and booze 😃.

Gameplay seems to run fairly simple each model gets a number of action points and each action costs a certain amount of points.  I like the fact that zombies need to be shot or damaged in the head to be killed (an idea I had for my own zombie game).  This is done with a 5+ roll I believe. Some weapons like a sniper rifle add a bonus to that roll. If you fail the roll, weapons have a knock back value which make the zombie stagger back. This to me gives a nice effect of bullets hitting zombies not killing them but slowing them down.
The point of the battles is to gather salvage points. These are then used to upgrade your characters and refuge.
The game provides info on how to run a campaign where your group gains experience and more skills. There are also scenarios to play i think around 6 .

Overall this game looks fun andni can't wait to play a game.  As I have a good few post apocalypse models I already have planned out 3 groups. 

Bravo Squad

First group is Bravo Squad.  This group for separated from their unit when it was overrun and have took over an abandoned police station as their refuge.

Blake's survivors

My second group are my selfless group. Led by Blake's the everyday hero, he has a rescue worker,  a preacher and some survivors. They are based in a church.

The Savages

My last gang is my selfish group. Made up of an old street gang gone savage!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

For my birthday my sister  bought me the Dungeons and Dragons starter set.  So I thought I would do a little blog about.  It comes in a great box and has really nice artwork. Inside you get a packet of all the dice you'll need to play.  a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and a D20.

Not sure of they come in different colours but you don't get a choice any I could see when buying so I guess not.  They are a little small for my liking but a decent starter set none the less.

You get a basic rule book covering the core rules of the game and certain spells for the pre made characters that come in the set.

The rules are explained really well, the text and layout is nice and clear.

The next book you get is the campaign book that the starter set is based around. This contains a ready made adventure called the Lost Mine of Phandelver.

This gives you everything you need to run an adventure.  I've not read this fully as my D&D playing friend says he might use this as my first foray so I don't want to cheat.  If we do I'll do a write up of that. If not I'll make a separate post.

Last of all in the box are pre made character sheets. Nice hard wearing paper and well laid out.

There are 2 human fighters, an elf wizard, Halfling rogue and a cleric dwarf. These characters all have backgrounds hinting at links to the pre made adventure . This to me is the only really down side of the box. I really don't like the pre made characters, I can see why they've done it as an introduction to D&D to be fair but to me D&D is about making your own character and I feel they could have gone down that road more so than pre made characters.  I also wished that had included some blank character sheets in as well but these are easy enough to find online.

So overall I am very impressed with the starter set and can not wait to play!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Cruel Seas a new Warlord Game.

At the recent Warlord open day they displayed and allowed people to play their new upcoming  naval game Cruel Seas. It's based mainly around smaller boats Torpedo boats etc. It looks very cool I have to admit.

Photos were were various Facebook posts about the game. The ships look really good and there is always something amazing about fleet engagements (that's why I like Star Wars Armada) !

Sprues for some of the ships

Above are some sprues that were out for people to see.
Really like the look of this so will follow closely!