Friday, 10 May 2019

15mm Terrain

I've been looking at gathering more 15mm Terrain to help bulk out a board.  My purchase of some Amera Plastic houses started my brain thinking how best to base them? individually they would seem quite small so I decided to attempt a small hamlet putting  all the houses on one base. I drew out my plans plus some roads as well (always useful)

The cardboard I decided was not the best base and I knew the Range local to me had some foam board in so off I went.
 I returned the with my large sheet of foam board. I set out cutting what I needed and sticking the houses down. 

As you can see I also cut out some roads  Also on the hamlet  piece you'll see a circle of cardboard. This will be a pond, I needed the extra bit of cardboard to give me a bit of height when applying the filler. This will allow me to get some depth to the pond when I add the epoxy water effect.
The roads I have added filler to and will sand them down when they are dry.

After all this I had some foam board left over. I decided to make up some ruins to add to my 15mm battle field.  I made up some templates and cut out the foam board  I wanted a couple of ruins where a tank could park inside (ish) . Once I cut out  the building sides and base I stuck them all together.  Then covered the lot in filler.

Once  the filter had dried I sanded it down and I felt the ruins needed something else. I had plenty of small bits of foam board left so I thought why not bits of rubble. I used some matches for wooden beams

Also after some advice from the Terrainiacs Facebook group I added some sand to the rubble piles.
I'll keep you guys updated have a great day! 

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Woah! Been a while.

Just checked out my blog and realised I haven't posted for a while. I've been in Wales for 5 days which was a nice break away with the family even with the 12hrs of games and rain (Hey welcome to Wales). Obviously  I went to Porthmadog Models but being low on funds only a small purchase was made. The Rorkes Drift centre display had got bigger unfortunately I didn't get any pictures as my sons and their cousins also came in the shop so I had to give a very limited history lesson about Rorkes Drift.  I had my eye an Amera plastic castle type building but spotted some 15mm looking houses  These I thought would be useful for Tanks Modern Age.

Seem to scale up OK next to some 15mm tanks 

I thought these might be good all added to one terrain piece. Maybe a small hamlet. I've even started planning it along with some roads.

Just three houses with a small road junction but as one piece. The houses are Amera Plastic and as usual great quality. I'll keep you posted on these

On the models front been a bit quiet as I've not really had the time  My fellow blogger and best friend has recently got into Street Wars NYC. In his blog post (Check out his blog here) about the game he dropped a hint about where a gang would go. This I missed only to get a message offering me a gang from this new game

These look really cool and I'm looking forward to trying the rules out after I've painted the models.

And last of all I've been playing blood bowl on the PS4 in a Dads league and on my own with a few different  teams. I was thinking of doing a blog to track one teams progress (not my current team in the Dad league as they are terrible !!!)  I might pick my human team and start a new tournament if this is something people will like.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Dungeon Saga. The Dwarf King's Quest. Adventure A

Got time yesterday to play the first adventure from the Quest book with my 2 sons today. This is effectively an adventure to learn the moving and fighting rules. It uses the Dwarf Rordin (Played by my 5 year old) and the human Barbarian Orlaf (played by my 3 year old) Their task is simple get through the small passage way and break open a door leading further into the dungeon. The evil overlord (played by yours truly) was ready to dispatch undead warriors to stop them.

Orlaf the Barbarians Hero Card 

Rordin Hero Card

The Dungeon tonight (Next time we play I'm ditching the plastic table protector!!) 

Obviously with the boys being so young I made some allowances so they enjoyed the game.
It played really well the fighting system is really simple and quick. My sons characters  smashed through several skeleton warriors but as the evil overlord  I kept raising  more. The Dwarf took a hit from a skeleton warrior but carried on. The Barbarian got distracted by smashing skeletons. He took a nasty hit but used his feat called whirlwind and smashed skeletons all around him 

Our heroes face off against the undead. 

Back to back fighting. The pinkish looking counter is a pile of bones ready to be reanimated mwha ha ha ha
In the end the Dwarf smashed the door open and the heroes proceeded on!

It was a really fun game and my kids enjoyed it. They can't wait for the next installment  

Friday, 19 April 2019

Tanks Modern Age Terrain

I've been after some terrain for Tanks Modern Age for a while. Its the only 15mm game I play so I have never gathered any terrain for 15mm. My trees seem to work quite well and I guess some of my fences and roads would also work. I do feel like I need some buildings though. The flat terrain you get in the box is great quality but sometimes you just want a bit more 3d feel to the table. As ever I'm on a budget so I thought I would look at free printable model railway terrain. I wanted either some office blocks or just general factory type buildings. Just to give my game an urban feel. I located a website that said TT gauge was the way forward so I found a free website and printed out a quick factory test piece. The results were not what I wanted

The scale is off to me, the building looks to small compared to the tank. Right back to the drawing board.
My new plan of attack involved a bit of research. I discovered that in 15mm scale, 3mm is roughly one foot.  Then I googled the average height of a door and a storey. I then made up my own building templates. Just a really basic industrial unit and office block.

They are very rough and ready but hopefully the scale is going to work. While I was waiting for some foam board to arrive I found some cardboard which I cut into the correct shapes. Then using my new purchase  a hot glue gun I set about making up some buildings. The glue gun is amazing by the way, so much better and faster for sticking stuff together.
I cut a bit of cardboard the size of the template and then another one where I then cut out all the window holes. The plan was to stick the cardboard with no holes together to get the building shape. Then glue on the other cardboard hopefully giving a 3d effect for the windows.
My take on a basic industrial unit front

Rear of the unit

This one is an office block 

They are quite rough but not bad for a quick pit together.
Next to a tank they seem to work much better.

These seem much better now in comparison, what do you guys think?  Next to give them a basic paint job.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Dungeon Saga. The Dwarf King's Quest

For a while I've been after a Warhammer Quest type game to introduce the kids to RPGs. I think the pre printed dungeons and the models will help get them into that type of game  (hopefully getting them ready  for DnD when they are older).
So I've been keeping an eye out for that type of game, I had it down to three. The new Warhammer Quest, Dungeons and Dragons Castle Ravenloft or Dungeon Saga The Dwarf King's Quest. When I wrote a post about this conundrum I was kindly offered a copy by  an awesome chap called Neil. We had met at the Across the Dead Earth tournament a few years ago. Check my blog post about it here
He also runs a blog for his wargames club. Check it out at Stourbridge Wargames.
I excitedly picked up the game (He also gave me an upgraded counter set which was awesome of him) from his house and got it home. The box it's self is awesome. You take off the outer sleeve and the box resembles  an old book.

Opening up the box you find it's rammed with stuff. Lots of cards, floor tiles and tokens. Also the game miniatures which look very cool.

The Bosses

The minions. I have 2 of each

The Four Heroes
Some of the figures were slightly bent but nothing a quick dip in hot water won't solve. You also get some ace furniture to decorate your dungeons.

Doors for the Dungeon 

Treasure Chests, Barrels and Tables 

Various Other Bits 

Lastly you get the tiles to make your dungeon and tokens all on push out cardboard sheets. 

My friend also game me a set of upgraded counters made out of plastic so should be sturdier than the cardboard ones.

That's the box! Can't wait to have a game now though I best read the rulebook. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


I think I've mentioned it before on my Facebook page (Cheeky plug Here) that I have been ining to magnetise my armies so I can store and travel with them to. I had seen some people use really useful boxes with non slip mats at the Bol Action Day I went to.  I wanted to go one more than the non slip mat. I found on the Internet various ways of magnetising but I settled on  a method of using adhesive magnetic cut I into strips and stuck down in the box. Then I glued 25mm washers to the bases of my soldiers.
The washers were really cheap Wilkinsons (UK shop) do a Puck and mix washer, screw etc pick and mix. So I helped my self to a large bag of nearly all the 25mm washers. Not bad for around £4.

Next it was finding time to sit down, cut the magnetic strips and glue on the washers. Luckily the family have had a hectic week so Sunday we all chilled out. I used this time wisely.

The strips were cut (no where as neat as I'd like. Will have to work on that) and stuck them down in the paix boxes. Next a few dabs of glue on each washer and all my regular British and Airbourne  were glued to washers. The washers give the models a nice bit of extra weight as an added bonus.
Then I popped them into the box and it worked a treat

All secure. Now to get some more boxes for my konflikt 47 stuff 

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Tanks Modern Age British Lynx

Evening everyone. Finally got around to painting my Lynx helicopter for Tanks Modern Age  Went super simple on this. Following the picture on the box  I added the same type of camo that I had added to my Chieftain tanks. Then painted the windows blue so they stand out.  I think it looks
alright. Hope you guys do to.