Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Objective Markers

While having a sort out of my terrain bits box I found some 60mm round mdf bases that I had no use for and also some resin crates.  Coincidently the day before I had been reading the Dinoproof rule book as we have decided to play it at our next games night.  In the game you get crates scattered around the board. Now instead of tokens I decided to make some objective markers using the round bases and resin crates.  Hopefully they will be suitable for multiple game systems.  After checking how many crates against how many mdf bases I had  I ground I had a few bases left over so I raided my bits box for any other ideas that I could use as objective marker. I found another crate and some machinery bits I thought would make some kind of crashed vehicle with secret tech that both sides want. I also found some weapons that I could add.

Photo not the best.

The above photo is the first market I attempted I added the rifles to make it look a bit like an weapons stash (with my day fingers getting them like that was a nightmare ).

In the above photo is the next marker.  I found a cool little looking tech unit in my bits and had the idea that this could be some kind of secret power core data bank etc which I would surround with broken bits of machinery so it looked like it came from a destroyed mech or vehicle.

Here are the first 2 markers

Now you can see I've added some machinery bits to the marker and a PIAT and ammo to the other marker plus both based.

Last 2 markers

These markers are more simple and are mainly just crates. I did add some rockets to create another ammo stash feel to the one marker.  Again all based as well.

The above photos are the finished article.  I quite like them!  Have a good one people!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

More painting.

Another set of models painted! This time round it was my  SAS squad and anti tank team.  First up the I decided to attempt decals on the Bren Carrier I had previous painted. I'm very nervous with water slide decals as I have fat uncoordinated fingers but since I've been listening to a Bolt Action podcast I've wanted to add a more real unit feel to my army. I did a bit of searching where the SAS worked with regular army units and came up with Operation Clipper. The Worcester regiment had SAS  support clearing snipers in area it seems (There is not a lot of info on SAS but that gives me a touch of creative license). After asking for advice on the Bolt Action Facebook group (a brilliant group!) I located the correct decals needed. I didn't have enough to to both Bren Carriers all around so applied all the decals i had to both fronts.

They were quite fiddly but withbthe aid of my craft night and some tweezers I did it.  Now they need weathering to make them look not so new.
Onto the infantry. The SAS  squad picture on the internet had a camo pattern on which i didn't think i could replicate so I went for a plain green jacket with airbourne trousers  (well as close as I can make it).

Lastly was the Anti Tank rifle team. These guys were in standard British uniform with gas masks. The loader didn't cone with anything for his arms so I bodged him carrying an ammo box.

I think the layers makes the jumper look more realistic

I'm quite happy with the jackets. I applied more layers than I normally do and they seem to have a good effect? I could be wrong though.

These don't look to bad and hopefully will go Nazi horror and mech hunting soon!
Have a great day folks

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Been Painting!

Managed to get a few free evenings so got on with some painting. I had Konflict 47 British Armoured infantry, Automatons, Bren Carrier and my new Lieutenant.
British Armoured Infantry first.  These are nice solid models and I like them a lot.

Went with the standard allied green. Each one of these guys is packing an LMG so a squad can throw out a lot of shots. Next up were the British Automatons. These models were horrible to put together but look really good now.  The joins are really small to try and glue so it took me a while ( I need to practice pinning ).
The automatons are the Brits answer to manpower in the on going conflict.  Using rift technology Alan Turing has created a basic AI which enables this robots to provide fire support for troops. Each one carries an MMG so plenty of fire support  available

Next up was the Lieutenant. Technically it's Major Turntadust from Warlord games but I'm gonna use him as my Konflict 47 HQ option 

Last of all was the Bren Carrier. Not quite finished this, I have to add some decals and a wash over those.

I love the bren carrier model (plus it's easy to build), now i have 2 they will be zipping up and Down the table causing mischief ☺

Got the SAS and anti tank rifle team all primed so will start on those soon. Have a good one guys!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Christmas loot

Happy New year guys! Hope you all had a good Christmas and new year. Mine was chaos, I was working night shifts and I have 2 boys (2 and 4) so now my house is full of toys!
I was actually struggling to decide on any miniatures to ask for as Christmas gifts. I picked a couple of things and a board game off the family.
The family bought me Zpocalsype.

The game looks great fun (if a bit brutal!  But zombie slaying is no picnic), it's all about your team of survivors scavenging, fortifying their base and fighting off hordes of zombies at night. All the copponents feel great quality, the board's for tracking your squad have little wheeled dials to keep track of various stats which is really cool and one I haven't seen before. Can't wait to give it a go!
On the miniature front I got an NW Europe SAS squad from warlord miniatures.  Wanted these for ages to supplement my Bolt action British army. After listening a lot to the Down Order podcast I decided to try and loosely base my force on an actual ww2 unit  after some research looking for where the british regular army worked with the SAS and I located several instances. I chose Operation Clipper, this was a battle in Germany where the Worcestershire regiment as part of the 43rd Wessex brigade was tasked with taking several villages. There are reports that the SAS helped with anti sniper operations.

SAS jeep during operation Clipper

There is sufficiently very little SAS info which allows me to use a bit of creative license when adding SAS  to my force. I also got from the WestWind productions Secrets of the Third Reich a British anti mech rifle team  I liked the miniatures and wanted to use these in my konflict 47 force as an anti tank  (and mech and  nazi horror) rifle.  These have all been made up and based.

SAS squad
Anti tank rifle team

Now to crack on painting everything I have accumulated in the last few months.
On an slightly unrelated note.  I have recently got into podcasts.  Particularly Rift Tech Radio for Konflict 47 and Down Order for regular bolt action  really good and Infornative plus a entertaining. Check them out with a podcast app (I use podcast addict) or somewhere in iTunes I believe.
Have a great day folks!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Ghost of Gaia 2 Kickstarter

A while back I backed a Kickstarter from Bad Squiddo games. Their Ghosts of Gaia 2 Kickstarter. They had some awesome models to back and choose but when I saw the gunny bunnies I fell in love. Now I have received my kickstarter pledge! The work that has gone into this is brilliant. Along with the models I have temporary tattoos and badges. What a brilliant free extra.  There was plenty of more free stuff for the higher pledges also.

Temporary tattoos (my sons are after these!)
The whole parcel
Gunny Bunnies!!

The gunny bunny models are great. They are quite small (i really should have guessed this lol) so a bit worried about ruining them with paint but we shall see. Lots of work has gone into this parcel. Shows a great level of dedication from Bad Squddio games. Hopefully at some point I'll get to a wargaming show and be able to say hello and thank you in person.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

New Toys ☺

Did a big sell on eBay last month so got to order more konflict 47 reinforcements and they've arrived!! Also had a belated birthday present so ordered and got another bren carrier (one of the nicest models to fit together).

This came at a great time as I was getting the modelling itch but had no models to make.  Its a lovely lot and most bits slide and click into place then with a dab of glue they stick. I love the bren carrier gives you a nice little run around with 2 lmgs  (if passengers are on board). Also on this kit you got a stat card,  which is great! ! No more scouring the rulebook or flicking through the easy army list.  Plus smoke and on fire markers,  this is a lovely touch and a nice addition (another reason Warlord continues to impress).

Stat card and smoke markers

Next arrived a nice box from Rkstudiostore containing my konflict 47 force. I had ordered a Mudskipper walker (in the main rulebook this was U.S. only but in the new book Resurgance they U.S. have allowed the British access to this walker for their airborne forces.  This walker can jump,  had 2 HMGs and 2 light automatic cannons. I'm thinking this might be a potent totenkorps killer... well re killer. The walker is quite easy to build and looks impressive. A squad of British heavy infantry were also in box. Equipped with Galahad armour and LMGs.  These boys can put out a nice chunk of dice when shooting and have tough and resilient I believe so hard to kill by small arms fire. Also these are lovely models, solid and plenty of detail.  Up next is the British only exclusive the Automatons. These robots developed by Alan Turing (in the fictional konflict 47 world) have a rudimentary AI and carry mmgs onto the battle field. These are notoriously hard to put together so they are not built yet as want an evening to attempt just them.  Lastly I felt my konflict 47 needed a new leader with a bit of weird war flair to him. For this I found Major Turntadust (though I'll be running hin as a lieutenant) from warlord. With his cross and Tommy gun he is ready for anything.

Galahad Infantry
Mudskipper Walker
Major Turntadust I believe he is called my platoon HQ now

I'll get some photos of the automatons up when I'm brave enough to attempt them  (and when I'm not working)

Have a great day

Friday, 24 November 2017

Games Night

Been awhile but I've been having issues with the app I use as when I add pictures to the blog it won't upload so trying again after a successful test post early last week.
I had a tooth out this morning so was really looking forward to a games night to cheer me up. We decided to play the Star Wars Rebellion board game. This game is a beast the box is huge. It's all about the galactic battle between the Empire and the rebellion. The Empire has to track down and destroy the rebel base before the rebels reputation garners them enough support to destabilize the Empire (to help the rebels there are various objectives which speed up the reputation gathering). The game board is 2 boards put together!

The board has all the famous star wars planets Endor Corosuant etc.
The rebel sets up their starting units in systems loyal to the rebellion and the Empire sets up units in systems loyal to the Empire.  Obvously the Empire has the advantage of numbers. A random system card has been picked that holds the location of the rebel base which only the rebel player knows. Units can be allocated to the rebel base should it be located. 

The small rebel force starting against the might of the Empire

Both sides have to use leaders (famous star wars characters) to complete missions to gain various things like loyalty from star systems. The more star systems are loyal to you the more fleets and ground forces  you can build.  There is space combat and ground combat. The rebels have the Mon Calamari Crusier , Corellian Corvette, x wing , y wing, snow speeder and rebel soldier   The Empire have Death stars (yep stars not star) , super star destroyer, star destroyers, assault carriers, tie fighters, AT-AT, AT-ST and storm troopers. 
The game comes with a lot of bits (cards tokens etc) but the rule book does a great job of telling you how to play you're first game. This game is definatly a case of if you just read the rules you will get very confused  (I know I did!!) But when you start to play, the rules flow and after a few turns you are doing fine. We messed the missions for the first few turns which led to me know gaining to many systems loyalty so didn't manage to get large rebel space fleets this time round.  Once we had worked out what to do it was all good again.

In our game the rebels were hampered by my terrible dice rolling at the start so quite a few missions were failed but they started to come round. The empire gathered up a large amount of space fleets which were a bit of a worry. There was a large military build up around Naboo  Could this be where the rebel base was???

2 separate Empire fleets are occupying nearby systems around Naboo

In the game you are allowed to oppose the opponent's missions with one of your own leaders. Now Emperor Palpatine spent a good few turns messing my missions up but a new hero of the rebellion was born Lando Calrissian! He hampered and disrupted several missions even when the odds were against him.  The build up of forces around Naboo led to a rebel fleet striking at one of the Empire fleets in the Dagobath system. 

This was the biggest combat action and resulted in both rebel and empire capital ships being destroyed  (but destroying the Empire star destroyer gained me a reputation point!). The empire had 2 death stars now on the board! Unfortunately the rebels reputation reached the winning point making it a close win for the rebellion!

This was a great game but it is not a quick game! Took us about 3 hours and that is with learning the rules as well but it was enjoyable and next time I need to get some more fleets Into space to keep those empire at bay.
Everything in the box is great quality and an awesome addition to the board game cupboard.