Saturday, 23 June 2018

Quick update!

As mentioned in my last blog I wanted to add something to the bases of the male sirvivors.  I did this last night

I added  some road markings and hopefully you can see a bit of white dry brushing on kerb edges

Friday, 22 June 2018

Done some painting!

Managed to get some painting done in the last couple of days.  I started on the Project Z male survivors. First four are pretty much done.

SA-80 wielding man

This guy is packing an assault rifle and back up chain saw for up close and personal encounters!

I imagine this chap was interrupted watching his tv shows by the apocalypse

Only had time to grab his flip flops as the zombies interrupted his favourite t.v. show!

This dude is ready for the zombies

This survivor is embracing the apocalypse with his pistol and machete!

This was prepared a long time ago

I imagine this guy as either a doomsday prepper or someone who was quick to realize the situation and prepared quicker than most!

All done. I think  the bases may need something extra on them.
On an separate note regular opponent has his own blog now so you should check it out! Here is the  link 

Have a great day!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Project Z Zombies

After assembling both sets of survivors I had a box of zombies to make up. 
You get a selection of female and male zombies. After my efforts with the male and female survivors I was concerned about putting these together. It was then pointed  out to me by  brummieswargaming blog that I should give poly cement a try. I got a tube of of poly cement and I'm 2 nights all zombies made!!

Female zombies

Above are the female zombies my personal favourite is the Baywatch style zombie (first row on far left) also  the half zombie dragging herself along which is pretty horrible 😲.

Male zombies

Above are the male zombies. The zombie pulling the IV line is my favourite.
Using poly cement made these so much easy . The kits go together really nice but you are limited to pretty much the poses on the back of the box but they are really nice still. 
Thanks to the great weather managed to get all these and.the survivors primed ready for painting.

Now to finish these night shifts so I can get painting. Have a great day folks

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Games Night

Tonight me and my friend Jay played  Star Wars Rebellion. He was imperial and I was the rebel alliance.  Throughout the game my diplomat struggled to gain a
Support for the alliance meaning my military capability was not good but I kept the base hidden and not much combat was had anyway. The empire subjugated and turned more and more planets loyal. The turning point was when my diplomat was captured and interrogated.  She gave up 3 sytems 1 of which was where the rebel base was.  A few small fleets soon located the fake systems and the battle was set. My last ditch attempt at moving my base failed and I had to stand and fight.

The forces were arrayed

There were more forces than in the picture and a pitched space battle erupted followed by a massive ground battle. I held my own in the first engagements but then ominously the death star moved in.  Lando tried one last attempt but failed and boom!!!!

Boom rebel base turned to dust

I had 3 home one type ships soni like to think the rebellion wasn't done but this game was over imperial forces crushed this rebellion quite significantly.

Great game!!

Project Z Female Apocalypse Survivors

Last night I built the female survivor's from warlords Project Z range.  This time after bemoaning about the male ones on my Facebook page (give me a like  here ) I had been sent the instructions by a very awesome guy Jorge Robles.  I stuck with the boses they were sculpted with only adding a few little things so these were much less stressful.

Recent survivor with scavenged pistol and knife
Armed to the teeth survivor
Travelling Survivor

No messing with this girl
Crazy lady with an RPG
Melee heavy survivor

I love this bow armed lady
AK Armed survivor
Twin uzi's why not

Assault Rifle armed survivor

Now onto the zombies though I've had a look at the sprues and those zonbie and look tiny to glue!

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Project Z Male Survivor's Construction

Put together my Project Z male survivor's. Man these were not fun! You get a whole sprue of differemt weapons plus the weapons attached to arms like on the models on the box art the problem is the bodies are very much made for the weapons with arms and are very awkward if you want to use the extra weapons and such. Reminded me of putting together the British Infantry.  I battled onwards and built them. 

This guys packing a pistol and machete
This guy is in full on wandering survivor mode.
Big brute with a shotgun
Nimble quick survivor with a cricket bat and pistol
Police officer trying keep a shred of law enforced

Another travelling survivor with bat , pistol and assault rifle
Vicar dishing out the good word or righteous fury
Another wanderer with a back up chain saw
While twin SMGs dude

My young un but no slouch with his machete, Molotov and SMG

That's em built into the females next!

Sunday, 27 May 2018


I received my ( with my name in the front and signed as well) copy of Contamination plus some apocalypse survivors and zombies to play the game with.

Front cover

The book is hard back and really nice quality. The art work is really great and is done in a graphic novel style. There is a nice bit of fluff to set the scene at the start of the book. There are three factions (some fanactical people, possibly crazy medical scientists and peace keepers) mentioned in the book with a brief history of how they came about. The rules look really simple to get your head round and the book runs you though what to do in a well explained way. There is also a great explanation on the open world aspect. The book gives you guidelines on what tests to take depending on what kind of action you want to do.

Crew formation is next. Your crew gets a boss  plus a number of survivors and newbies depending on what  Req you spend. (Similar to Across the Dead pts and Necromunda credits of they still exist in New version ). Every character has a perk and flaw. These can be picked or rolled at random.  This gives an interesting twist to every character.

Now you get to equip your survivors for the apocalypse.  There's a range of weapons and again some advice on how to add your own (costs, special rules etc). Once your crew is made your ready to play!
There are 6 scenarios including 1 solo play scenario in the book. They seem simple to play and will give you a good few different options to start.

If you start a campaign up, your crew will need a base. So certain resources collected will affect your base. You need so many comfort and food items (places to sleep etc) to have a certain number in your crew.

The Resource deck for Contamination

The resource deck gives many different resources. Some for your base,  others for your characters.
Well that's it  for now. Gotta assemble some apocalypse survivor's after I've finished my Tommies