Friday, 18 January 2019

The Hills are Alive!

I've been looking through my terrain collection and realised I don't really have any larger hills in my collection. I had 2 but I wasn't happy with them so I threw them away. I have also been watching a bit of the terrain tutor and one of the videos he does is about making hills out of expanding foam (Click here to watch). How I'm not going ton use the expanding foam bit as I had acquired some packing polystyrene.  Not the best stuff but it was free!
Looks already like a bunker!

I had 2 of the above pieces so I set to carving them into hill shapes. I wanted some paths on them but they are hollow so I could only carve so much away.

They were a little high so I cut some of the bottom off and used that to add some rocks and extra bits.
Now I added filler all over and sanded them as smooth as I could.
Filler added

All sanded
Next up added a base coat of dark grey (checking back on video I think my dark grey and the terrain tutors dark grey differ a fair bit ) to the hills.
I then added the same and gravel for the earth . Here I made an error I was supposed to add sand and gravel before the grey paint.

So another grey paint layer was added, then the earth was painted brown .

This was followed with a dry brush of grey and then a lighter dry brush

The light dry brush makes the dirt pop 

Now I moved into making the rocks look more rock like. Using a few dry brushes of light grey with a final small one of white on the edges.

Then last of all I added the flock and all finished! 

Not bad I don't think. What do you guys think?

Thursday, 17 January 2019

From the Brink part 2

"Lets get him on the table. We don't have long" A faint voice was heard in the darkness flashbacks of jaws snapping sent bolts of pain through the darkness
"Get him sedated, he's starting to tremble" the faint voice said again. Soon the darkness overwhelmed again.

Voices again swimming in the darkness,
"It's remarkable he survived.  This soldier is a strong willed fellow. Those German mutts don't normally leave anything"
Flashbacks of blood soaked teeth closing in caused tendrils of pain across the darkness.
"I'm sure they would have finished the job but thankfully they were put down. How's are his rift improvements going? " the voice sounded familiar,  a flash of an officer's face giving a briefing. 
"Excellent. His body hasn't rejected anything which was our biggest concern.  The arm is in place and just needs a few more adjustments."
In the darkness impulses were sent to try and move an arm.
"Good God he's moving! Look the fingers! "
"Intriguing that shouldn't be possible?  Right we'll get him sedated again as he is not ready yet. "
Darkness rushed in.

Light this time not darkness, blurry images swimming around. 
"Right he's starting to come round.  His arm is locked and inoperative till we can talk to him properly.  He's been through hell so let's take it slowly"
The blurry light focused more and 5 figures could be made out. One in a uniform the others all in white.
"Lt Jenkins.....can you hear me?"
Jenkins ? My name.  Memories rushed to fill the void. 
"Ye... yes? Where....where am I?  What happened....what happened to me? " Lt Jenkins stammered drowsyly.
The figures whispered to each other, Jenkins strained to listen.
"Tell me god damn it" he rasped.
The man in uniform started to speak.
"Well old boy. You had a rather nasty run in with some Shreckwulfen. " he said calmly.
Memories flooded Jenkins thoughts, a battle, a desperate escape, an explosion, then bounding monsters and last sharp clawsand teeth descending.  Jenkins shuddered involuntary.  A sudden jolt hit him.
"My men what happened?" Then with a scowl "Lange...where is he?"
His sight was getting more clearer as he came out of what ever sedation he had been under.
"Try not to worry about your men right now" The officer started to say.
"Where are my men?" Jenkins said angrily.
More whispers amongst the white clothed people, doctors they looked like doctors Jenkins thought. Anger boiled up,  He clenched his fists subconsciously but then he felt an odd sensation. One hand was fine, the other he could not feel. He quickly moved his head to look at his hand. His eyes widened in shock,
"What in God's name have you done?!" He yelled.
The doctors all took a step back. The officer stepped forward and started to speak
"Right Jenkins so much for taking it slow. I'm Major Whitaker, you undertook a mission for me.  It was costly but you did well. The Germans caught up with you though. I won't lie it was a bloody mess.  Lange the little blighter escaped, you got attacked by god forsaken shreckwulfen.  Your two colleagues sadly did not survive and you by who knows what means managed to hold on to life long enough for us to find you. Sgt Harwood and several paratroopers made it back safe."
Jenkins lent back. At least someone made it back out of this mess.
"Major,  what about my family and again sir what have you done to me?" He asked, his head was getting clearer and clearer. The situation though was getting more and more confusing. The Major ran his hand through his hair and took a quick deep breath,
"Right you are still officially missing in action. That will change, I'll see to it your family know you are alive but no going home yet my boy.  England needs you and more importantly I need you. Right now about your arm....

Monday, 14 January 2019

From the Brink

"Here Tim, Tim! " A voice whispered across the battlefield.  Smoke hung in the air and a few sporadic fires crackled here and there in the aftermath of Professor Langes escape . Several figures stopped their search and turned towards the sound of the whisper. 
"I said Tim I swear this chaps still alive." A soldier whispered earnestly to his compatriot.  The figures that had all stopped to listen now converged on the voice. All were trying to be as quiet as possible not wanting to attract German sniper fire.
"Good god James I think you are right. Sarge!" The figures crouched in a circle around a group of bodies , they parted as a tall thin man walked over. He looked down and said in a West Country accent.
"Are you sure Cummings lad? Remember that for sure German sniper we all hid from for 3 days?"
The other soldiers suppressed shorts of laughter. The soldier crouched over the body looked up
"Come on sarge. You guys are never gonna let me live that down . Yes it was a scare crow. I've said I'm sorry.  Look at this poor chap, these 2 have had it but I swear this one has a pulse." He pointed to a blood spattered neck. The body had been shredded and torn by something vicious and relentless. It looked lifeless, the Sergeant tried for a pulse.
"Cummings my lad you are only bloody right! Quick get out the stretcher. "
The surrounding figures quickly unfurled a stretcher.
"Rawlins, get on the radio, contact HQ tell them what we've found"
The sergeant stood back amazed at this poor chap clutching on to life though his body was a ruin. He probably wouldn't make it  but damn if we won't try our hardest he thought to himself. The figures gently moved the soldier onto the stretcher and lifted it up. The Sergeant  checked around, made sure all his soldiers were around and signalled to head back. 

The column of soldiers crossed back through the British lines. The Sergeant scanned for a field ambulance.  He couldn't see one when a major walked out of the shadows
"Evening Sergeant, heard you have found someone "
The sergeant and his soldiers snapped salutes.
"Oh yes quite" the major returned the salute
"Well done for finding this poor chap after that mess." The Major had a posh public school accent.
"Sir have you seen the field ambulance. I don't think this chap has long?" The Sergeant looked around anxiously.
"No field ambulances are available but load him onto that lorry and we will see him right " The Major gestured to a lorry parked behind the lines. The Major noticed the Sergeants quizzical look, he pulled out of his jacket a piece of paper and handed it to the sergeant. 
"All above board old chap.  We will take care of this poor bugger"
The sergeant scanned the orders , nodded towards the lorry and his soldiers hurried the stretcher  over where some orderlies loaded the aoldier into the lorry. 
The Major folded the paper up, put it back into his jacket and put out his hand
"You've done me a good deed sergeant. More than you realise. That poor chap was relying on us and we let him down but thanks to you we get a second chance to help him"
The sergeant taken aback shook the Majors hand.
"No ...problem sir. " the sergeant stammered and saluted. The Major returned the salute and walked away towards the waiting lorry.  The sergeant shook his head, what a wierd war this has become.
Major Whitaker climbed in the lorry cab and turned to the driver
"Lets go. We need to get back to base quickly or this poor bugger won't make it. I've sent the surviving Sergeant and his men the alternative route. They don't need to know about the lieutenant yet until we can be sure we can save him. "
The lorry pulled away from the lines and headed off into the night.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Bio-Hazard Breakout (Scenario)

One of Professor Lange's failed experiments has escaped! It is headed towards the village of Forlaas. The Germans have dispatched a force to kill it but the Brorish have also sent a force of to defend the village and obtain samples from the Bio-Hazard.

Night Fighting rules apply


1000pts each side.


5 Turns (6 turns on a 4+ roll )

Victory Conditions 

British need to defeat the Bio Hazard and get within base to base contact of it with any infantry model.

Germans need to destroy the Bio Hazard and stop British from obtaining samples from Bio Hazard


Bio-hazard has follwwing profile. 

Tooth and Claw
6+ to kill
Super Tough (Like tough but on a 4+ instead of 5+. Penetration has no effect.
Also uses AI (which I have made or will have by the time the game come a round)

Bio-Hazard Breakout (Build up)

Sgt Harwood lent back against the ammo crates and ate from his mess tin. The other men in his section sat around the room eating their food. They all looked tired Sgt Harwood thought, they've been training hard in their new role. Major Whitaker walked in to the room, Harwood jumped to attention, his section were a second behind him in standing up.
"Sit down men and finish you're food. You are doing really well with the new tech I've been told. How are you finding Unit 24?"
Major Whitaker sat next to Harwood and accepted a mug of tea handed over by a soldier.
"Its good Sir. We are really enjoying the tech you have given us. It will really give us the edge in battle"  Harwood replied.
Major Whitaker put his mug down and stood up,
"That's good Sergeant,  because we have a mission. Our old friend Professor Lange has been trying to play God again and it seems one of his experiments has broken free. Intel says its headed towards the village of Forlaas . Now obviously we need to stop it before it destroys the village but it would be  very handy for the boffins if we could get a sample of whatever syrum or concoction of evil that damn Professor is using. What do you say?"

Sgt Harwood stood up,
"Sounds good to me sir. Plus any opportunity to give Professor Lange and his plans a bloody nose is always good" Harwood grinned menacingly and turned to his soldiers,
"Alright lads you heard the Major; Gear up and let's get going"
The room burst into action as the soldiers dropped what they were doing and filed out headed for the armoury.  Major Whitaker smiled and finished his tea.
"Excellent Sergeant. Be at dispersal area within the half hour or this show will go on without you old boy"
Major Whitaker walked out the room and Sgt Harwood followed. He turned right into the armoury as the Major carried on straight. His section were busy getting into their suits. He made sure they were all doing ok and then went over to his suit.   It still amazed him how it all worked but it was damned effective.
Sergeant Harwood led his troops out into the dispersal area. It was filled with running engines and shouts as soldiers loaded weapons and boarded lorries. In the middle was Major Whitaker. Sgt Harwood marched over, the ground shuddered as his men marched.
"Galahads reporting in sir "

Monday, 7 January 2019

Painted Sherman Firefly 'Havoc'

99% finished my Sherman Firefly (it just needs mud effects which I have ran out of) but I thought that's good enough to put up a post about it.  It was a nice model to paint. I appear to prefer painting vehicles as they are bigger so easier on the eyes 😂.
The tank is called Havoc in all honest because there were two names in the transfer sheet, Andrea and Havoc. Havoc got my vote.

I think it has come out ok. I tried a new thing for me of highlighting some of the edges of the tank.  I've seen people do this before.  As I mentioned it does need mud effects added but I need to buy some.
Have a great day!

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Tanks Modern Age. Chieftain Stillbrew Tank

For those of you who follow my Facebook page ( Go an give it a like here ) you'll already know I have puchased another Chieftain tank to expand my British force for Tanks Modern Age. The kits are really simple to put together although I would like the instructions to be a bit bigger. This time round I chose the Stillbrew version of the Chieftain. This upgraded the armour of the Chieftain tank. In terms of the model it means the turret is slightly different.

Completed model

I'll hopefully get this painted soon.
Have a good one guys!