Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Avast me Hearties!!!

Way back in September i did a blog post for some pirates I had assembled. Well finally I have painted them! !!! (My bolt action habit kicked in around the same time). As a reminder they are for a game called Pirates of the Elven Seas. The  game is in an idea of dead earth games (people that brought you Across the Dead Earth) it's on the back burner at moment  but who does not like Pirates?? (Maybe merchants. ..) plus the band will make a handy Mordhiem band if I get into it.  Click here for the Pirates of the Elven Seas facebook group.
First up is the captain

Captain Barnabus Brand

And here he is with his motley crew of misfits from the pirate ship the Red Dragon

There ya go another band finished! Onto the next one ☺

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Plodding on

Been working nights and been busy so not much hobby stuff happening. Been selling various old warhammer novels on the old ebay ( anyone in the UK want some Tau fire warriors lol) and raised enough cash to buy my bolt action British force an M5 half track.  It wasn't the easiest to put together (made to order so just came in a box with no instructions) but using pictures off the internet I cracked it (though it might be missing an axle sssssh) I even made my first attempt at magnestising the side machine guns so if I need to save points I can take them off.

With machine guns
Without guns

The magnets are quite rough but it's my first go and hopefully I'll hide a lot with paint 😉
Next up it was time I braved the bear rider from the Shattered Crown Kick starter. It was quite intimidating as its a big piece of metal but oh so beautiful! I wanted to make a more impressive base to try my hand at making it unique. I've never pinned a model before so didn't want to try this time in case I did some thing horrible to the model.  I wanted the bear to be on by a rocky outcrop so using my faithful friend filler I've built up what i hope will look like a rocky outcrop and attached the bear. I then under coated it and realised I'd forgot the bear rider!! D'oh! ! I'll paint and add him later. 

The bear and base

I'll keep you updated on its progress. 
Last of all our front room is being decorated so the gaming shelves are in need of a sort out. Muchb of May terrain making stuff has been took off the shelves and away in a box.  Since a display cabinet had no where to fit in the room I aim to use my shelves in a more display way. So just models less clutter and maybe some LED lights ☺

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Facebook competition Prizes

A while back I entered a face book competition on a page called  the Lucky Orc  . The very kind lady who runs the Lucky Orc makes made to order dice bags (other products on the horizon I believe).
Well back to the competion, was a simple comment and like quiz but hey I won!!! I got 2 dice bags (1 for me and 1 for my son ) !

Theubare great quality and come in a range of colours plus any logos or designs you want can be computerised and sowed on.
If you are after a dice bag give the Lucky Orc a look

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Games night .......Finally ☺

Someo where in France. ...or maybe Germany

Last night my good friend came over to try out our first big battle using Bolt Action. 1100pts each, I had a lieutenant with 2 bodyguards, 2 squads of regular troops, 2 squads of paratroopers, artillery spotter, PIAT team, sniper team, light mortar, MMG team, Bren Carrier and Cromwell tank. My opponent had a similar type army but a Puma armoured car instead of a tank.
We rolled the demolition mission so each had a HQ to defend. If one of us gets a model in contact with enemies HQ they win.

The Brits line up to attack
German Artillery pins the centre of the british line hitting the HQ hard but no casualties

The game started with both sides advancing. Both sets of artillery observers called in artillery on the first turn. Which landed in the second turn both causing no casualties but plenty of pins (mostly to my forces)

All forces advancing (the little red markers are pin markers)
The brave (possibly fool hardy) PIAT steps out in front of the enemy Puma........and misses!!!!

Fire is exchanged, the enemy Puma advances towards the British lines. The PIAT team steps out in front of it and promptly missed from point blank range!!!!! Aaaarrgh. After this as you can imagine the PIAT team were swiftly wiped out.

Germans push into the village while the Brits secure the church in the centre of the battlefield
Waffen SS lead the charge into the village square

Waffen SS lead troops intonthe village where a British machine gun team, Cromwell tank and paratroop squad await

Cromwell tank pours machine gun fire into the fanactical SS squad entering the village
The paratroopers caught in the open walk into a hail of gunfire
On the opposite flank to the village a British squad charges a Waffen SS squad. Charging through the hail of bullets!

The left flank with the village has the Germans attacking but on the left the British make their move and charge into an SS squad. A withering hail of reaction fire evens things up some. 2 rounds of bloody hand to hand fighting  (damned SS fanatics! ) and both sides are took out of the game.

The Cromwell turns it's main gun on the Puma still pouring machine him fire into village square
HQ move up into buildings to help bolster the linked Paratroopers

Several panzerfausts are fired at the Cromwell but thankfully missed. The paras on the left flank wiped out an enemy HQ but due the wait of pins they rolled FUBAR and ran away to recover.  On the right flank a german sniper kept my squads heads down with accurate fire.

The Brits that held the church charge out to take out the German sniper team
Brit HQ and machine gum team hold the village square against the fanactical SS

The german sniper was took down on the right flank by a charge of regular troops.  After the paras had broke on the left flank the HQ, machine gum team and tank kept the village square from being overrun.  The fanactical SS really held up my forces as they refused to break and soaked up a lot of bullets for the Heer units behind

After the sniper had been took out the unit move a to attack the HQ unit defending the HQ

After the sniper the regulars wipe out a HQ unit in a hail of gunfire. Meanwhile the artillery spotter  had jumped in the Bren Carrier and raced toward the enemy HQ.
The game turns run out leaving both HQs intact.  We roll for another turn and get one.

After trading shots the Cromwell scores a knock out hit

The Cromwell makes an armour kill (finally get to use my destroyed vehicle markers! !!) More gunfire exchanged in the village square and my artillery spotter dashes to secure enemy HQ for the win!
Was a great game, loved the bolt action rules and how fluid they flow keeps the game going along nicely.  Some brilliant cinematic moments occurred, the PIAT team missing a point blank shot the armoured duel of mainly terrible shooting .
Great fun! !

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Amera Plastics Terrain

Once again I've been atvthe Amera plastic terrain. The pile of terrain has been sat there long enough. I had under coated it a while back when I was undercoating lots of things but only now just got round to painting them. They are mostly scatter terrain for the board so painting was relatively simple. A few base colours followed by flock that matches the game board.

A Sandbagged position on a hill
A rocky outcrop
Large Rocky hill
A small Rocky hillock
A large rocky Hillock
A larger sandbag emplacement
Remains of a building that has been bombed out and nature is cominhng

Once again thank you to  Amera Plastics for the excellent quality terrain. Now  have a great day!!

Stone walls!

Just a quick blog to show some finished terrain.  As mentioned in a previous  blog i had been making some stone walls out of the large amount of insulation foam I have.
I cut and carved a variety of different styles and under coated them using normal kids black paint. They take ages to dry but other than they take the paint fine .
Once dried I based them on card board. I wanted the bases as small as possible so the walls could go against roads and fit together. 
Then a quick dry brush with a light grey and some flock all finished!
Yes I could have put more detail but there was so many and I just wanted some basic walls. I think they came out really well.