Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Even more Survivors!

Got another four survivors done last night. 

Bow wielding warrior

I think this model is my favourite female survivor. She's just got a bow perfect for silent zombie killing! I love the posing looks like when the apoclyspe happened she was on a night out.

Twin SMGs always fun

This female is a firm believer in spay and pray. Bringing zombies down in a hail bullets. 

She's Got her new favourite toy

This little girl is rocking a pink dress and sparkly wellies for the apocalypse. Well I wanted sparkly wellies but no idea how to do that so I mixed red with my mettalic paint and that looks ok .
She's packing a magnum for staying safe. 

The practical survivor.

This model strikes me as a mom and seems practical.  Sensible shoes and clothes.  Knife and pistol light to carry but deadly against zombies.

That's another junk done. I'm down to my last 4 survivors before the zombies are next

Monday, 16 July 2018

Gasland Death Race Mustang Homage

I love the film Death race (and the other 2 straight to DVDs sequels). So when I discovered Gaslands it was a given I needed to have some kind of death race Mustang.
The search began......

After fruitless searches for the right model mustang (only found one in a set of 10 and didnt need the rest of the others) my son discovered a pile of hot wheels cars under his bed. There like a shiny gold totem was a mustang close enough in model to the one I wanted!! Now the negotiations began with my 4 year old. I traded him 2 new hot wheels cars for the mustang.
Now came the designing part . I asked for helpon the Gaslands Facebook group and the maker of the best death race mustang  I've seen very kindly sent me his working photos he had researched.

I had plenty of pics to work from now. I knew I would never make an exact replica as my skills are not that great but inwould give it a good to. I had some craft foam left over from making my dice tray so decided to use this as armour plating (after a quick test to make sure it can be spray painted).

I cut individual sections out and tried to get them match as best I can.

For the mini guns I was never gonna be able to make them soni ordered some matching scale ones.   Only one fit on the bonnet instead of the 2 fron the movie car.  Still looks good I think

I also added some foam to create the bonnet vent look the car has.
Now it was off to be undercoated

All set to be sprayed

The colour scheme is super simple.  Black with red racing stripes and the edges of the armour plating . A coat of black on top of the black primer and 2 red stripes added.  Then dry brushed metallic paint over the car.  I think it looks great from tabletop distance.

What do you guys think?

More zombie survivors

Got another four survivors done last night.

Police officer survivor

First up is a police officer whose swapped his pistol for an assault rifle.  Much better for keeping order in the apoclyspe.

Ready for anything survivor

This survivor is prepared with his pistol, bat and assault rifle.  Though he saves his assault rifle for emergencies

Also prepared female survivor

Just as prepared comes this lady.  Though preferring 2 pistols instead of a bat.

Chopper Chick!

This lady likes to get up close and personal with her cleaver and machete to save ammunition.

Hopefully get some more painted soon!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

My Across the Dead Earth Universe

A recent friends blog about his imagined Necromunda and Mordhiem areas has inspired me to write my own about my imagined Across the Dead Earth area where our games take place.
It's based around Smethwick  (my local area) just on the fringes of Birmingham which is a large settlement in Across the Dead Earth so ties in nicely.

The 'Thorns

This is the remains of a football ground that the survivors have turned into a thriving settlement (Think Diamond City from Fallout 4). Here is where the 78th Smethwick Irregulars base of operations is.

The Thorns
The old pumping station

Dodgy Kens Pumping Station Trading Post

This is a trading post set up in an old canal pumping house  (quite famous round Smethwick). With access to the canals meaning good trading routes between the post and the Rag Market Dodgy Ken can get you always what you want ( Dodgy Ken is an injoke between my friend and I. He is a legendary local shop keeper ☺).

The start of the concrete jungle

Concrete Jungle

No one goes near the Concrete Jungle unless absolutely necessary.  Traders travelling the old railway lines always have extra guards for this section unless they are full of bravado or stupidity.  In the ruined housing estate resides a 'settlement' owned by the infamous Concrete Jungle Savages.  This band of psychos and lunatics pray on the weak and if they outnumber them the strong.

The Valley

The Valley

The Valley is a heavily wooded area right next to the Thorns having overtaken the few industrial units that were between the sports ground and the valley  however the  ruined road that separates the 2 is always kept clear with flames to keep a clear space so the sentries can keep the Forest Kin away. Few enter the Forest and return. The locals know to keep a wide berth and the sentries know to be vigilant all the time for raiding parties. 

Chance Glass Works

Chance Glass Works

In this abandoned factory now settlement reside the raider gang The Coggers. The leader claiming descedency from an old industrial boss guards his territory with a tenacity and brutality. Many a trespasser are found floating in the canal that runs along side the abandoned factory.

The Avery

The Avery

The Avery is a factory complex used by the Engineers Guild as a forward base. Currently inhabited by the Fighting Spanners, they explore the ruins of Smethwick looking for technology and any lost knowledge amongst the ruins of the industrial estates though recently they have started to have run ins with a squad of State troopers who have moved into the area.

The old council house

The Big House

This is the old council house in Smethwick.  The state squad Sector 14 have set up here in their bid to spread the influence of the State over the people of Smethwick but at the moment are struggling with the fiercely independent locals

That's little imagined area of the apocalyspe. 

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Games Night Part 2 Gaslands

Second game of the night was Gaslands! We built a more countryside looking track (stone walls we classed as crash barriers) with shipping containers as the gates. Straight up death race was on the cards, I had a pick up truck (ram, HMG and a nitro booster) and 2 buggies (one with a HMG the other a Caltrop dropper). My opponent had two vans one with a ram the other with rockets.

Racers at thr start

I got pole position and started the race with my buggy!

Packed start lots of tight manoeuvring!

My HMG buggy puts his foot down and heads through the first gate.

Going through the gears the buggy recklessly floors it

Closely followed by my opponents smash van and the other racers

All vehicles aim for the gate

My other buggy was pushed out wide and had to swerve (or veer can't remeber which template I used) to avoid hitting the gate!

Quite proud of my template choice and placement

My pick up truck was at the back stuck behind my opponents rocket van so there was only one option!

Ram attack!!

I T boned the van causing a good few points of damage.  Meanwhile my lead buggy was struggling to manoeuvre as it was going to fast. It crashed into the crash barriers

Over cooked the corner and smash!

But my buggy obvously had licknon his side. The impact caused one point of damage which I evaded! My other buggy not so lucky filled Terribly with skid dice and slid into a bunch of trees! !


The buggy took a hell of a bang from this crash . My pick up was still stuck behind the rocket van a blast from its HMG  knocked off a few more hull points. Then another ram

Another smash

The rocket van not being able to get a shot off with its rockets used handguns on the buggy that had crashed into the trees.  The hail of pistol fire killed the driver and the buggy wrecked  (though again we forgot the wreck rules D'oh)


In revenge my pick up truck rammed the van again

Smash again!

This time the van was spun around!

To many hazards so it's spun!

The ram van fell foul of the once you pick a template you have to use when my opponent picked the hairpin!  Soon he was smashing through the walls and into a shipping container

Oh crap!

My HMG buggy sorts it self out and the run to finish is reasonably achieved and he takes the win!

Winning photo
Love the absolute carnage!

Great game again! Now I have to look at simpler rules as my son's want to play as well!!

Games Night Part 1

First game up was Konflict 47. A scenario I had written about an Eagle has Landed attempt on Churchills life.
Churchill is at his summer retreat and the Germans have got Intel on that location. They have dispatched a small force to eliminate him before nearby forces can be alerted.
The scenario used night fighting rules and used my own sentry rules. The starting forces were Churchill and 2 armoured infantry  as body guards. Also there was one squad of 10 infantry. 6 were in one spot camping awaiting their turn on watch. The other 4 were the sentries.

Churchill and his guards
The sentries starting points and rest of squad camped out.

The sentries act randomly according to a chart I made depending on a roll of an order dice.  They have a 2d6 distance they can see and if that covers enemy they take a 'shot' if they hit they have spotted enemy and raise alarm. Any gunfire raises alarm.
If the alarm is raised I can roll on a chart to bring in local forces to rescue Churchill.

Sentries on patrol

Game started with sentries patrolling each side of the house.

German forces start to arrive (plus my son's hotwheel car it seems)

The Germans started to arrive only the lieutenant and Totenkorps had trouble and didn't get on the board.

Sentry very nearly spots the Germans but it's just to dark

One sentry almost spots the approaching Germans but it is just to dark so he fails to see anything.

After a close shave the Germans shift thier direction

With the sentry getting close the Germans move behind some woods. All the sentries were oblivous to encroaching threat.

Shreckwulfen sneak past a sentry

(Above photo is my mates. Check out his blog here)  The Shreckwulfen sneak past a sentry and the totenkorps finally arrive.

The lieutenant finally gets the Totenkorps on the battlefield
Shreckwulfen strike!

Seizing their opportunity the Shreckwulfen bound forward and rip a sentry to shreds. No one noticed (we rolled to see if sentry screamed and left the model on its side in case another sentry spotted it. Also we didn't allow reaction fire or point blank as sentry's back was to the shreckwulfen) and the Germans advanced.

The German infantry sneaks past a sentry.
Even still the sentry sees nothing!

The German infantry succesfully makes it into the building opposite the building containing Churchill and right next to the camping Tommies all unseen.

Totenkorps emerge from the dark wood to strike

The shambling Totenkorps emerge from the dark wood and attack the sentry. He gets a shot off (he was facing right way and we decided zombies are slow enough if you pass a leadership test you can stand and shoot).
The alarm was now raised!!

Churchill and his bodyguards get ready

Churchill and his guards go into ambush while the resting squad drop their tea, grab their weapons and head out to investigate (we ruled I could not straight away attack Germans in house as they had not been seen or fired a shot yet).
As the British Tommies emerged from out of the court yard they heard howls and turned to see shreckwulfen charging at them!!

The wolves decend!!

A vicious fight erupts and 6 Tommies were torn to pieces! The surviving 2 members fight back and (mostly thanks to NCO ) kill 2 shreckwulfen!

A brave stand!

The Tommies pass their leadership test and have to fight the horror again!  The shreckwulfen cuts down another soldier leaving just the NCO who attacks only to see the wound heal up. It's to much for the NCO and he is destroyed.

The NCO falls to the shreckwulfen

I managed to roll a 6 on the chart I had written meaning my whole force could attempt to enter the board and rescue Churchill.

A bren carrier and armoured infantry rush on the board

A bren carrier rushed on using the road to get as close to Churchill as possible.

Totenkorps move as a blocking force

The totenkorps shuffle toqarsa the new arrivals trying to create a blocking force.  The armoured infantry and bren carrier engage and being a couple down but they still move forward.
Meanwhile the lone shreckwulfen bursts into the house that contains Churchill and charges up the stairs


But Churchill and his guards are cool under pressure and open fire on the shreckwulfen as it burst upstairs bringing it down in a hail of bullets (we rolled separate dice for Churchill and he brought the wolf down with his Tommy gun! ) without even taking his cigar out of his mouth. 

Churchill dispatches the shreckwulfen

Then from across the way the German infantry unleash a hail of fire at Churchill and his guards. A lucky bullet (damn you exceptional damage!!!!) Struck Churchill and he was down!!!!!!!!!

Churchill down!!

The game ended with a German victory! As the British player I like to imagine that the remaining Germans forces were destroyed but the damage was done!

Great game, our most tactical game yet!  The sentry rules worked ok (we were quite easy going and kept it centered around being thematic) the sentries mostly (couple of times they moved 1 inch but that gave them a nice randomness) walked in a sentry like manner. Their spotting failed miserably due to my rolls allowing some super sneaky German movement. Churchill did really well till my opponent rolled exceptional damage!! I had got 2 bren carriers and a half track on the board that the next turn I could have got to the house. Great game and brilliant manoeuvring from the Germans!