Tuesday, 5 February 2019

More Hills!

Just a short post to show you some more hills I've been making.  Using the the same expanding foam hills video I mentioned before in another post Here.

This time I used expanding foam . £3 for a small tin from my local hardware shop.  I sprayed it onto sone large cardboard and once they had expanded and hardened I cut the card to make bases .

I wanted a big hill so I made 1 big hill and 2 smaller ones.  I used the same technique mentioned in the blog I already linked to do I won't go in depth.
Next up was carving out the shape. The expanding foam is super easy to carve.

Then I applied filler all over, once that was dry i added gravel

Then it was just painting. A couple of layers of grey then a lighter grey on top. The gravel is painted brown

Then flock added and all done.
Here are the finished articles

 Right no more hills 😂!