Wednesday, 28 June 2017

I need to pick up the blog pace!

Sorry it's been so long. Kids have had chicken pox and as ever work. Had an evening with the kids who fell asleep reasonably early so broke out the paint tray that has some 80% finished Test of Honour troops.  Also had undercoated my new Bolt Action British Snipers yesterday so I thought I would paint those as well and my model gunslinger from the last kick starter I backed.

First up finishing off the Test of Honour troops. Only needed a little bit more paint on them.

Then onto the snipers. Checking out the warlord website to see How they painted them for a bit of inspiration and there be a lot of green! !! (Which makes sense really! ) so I did my best and they don't look terrible!

Lastly was the gunslinger from a Icarus Miniatures. I'm planning on using this in Across the Dead Earth as a gang member who just walks around with a hand cannon (a desert eaglen or magnum type gun). He has the sharp shooter skill tree so hopefully he'll be handing out head shots soon ☺.


  1. All nice additions to the completed pile. How did you find painting over a green basecoat?

    1. Not to bad. Wasn't happy withbthe green undercoat colour as the main colour so painted all ovwr first but I guess that's why you nundercoat at least if I've missed bits they'll still be green ☺

    2. Just wondered. I struggle painting over black and was wondering. I went white but have now gone to a sort of middle grey colour.

      A friend has recommended Humbrol Spray Primers so going to pick some up to try and speed along the next project i'm working on

    3. I normally go with white otherwise I can not see the detail (damn my eyes!) But thought I'd try green as they are in green ghille suits