Friday, 2 June 2017

A New Kick starter

I've come across a new kick starter I've decided to back. It's from the Dice Bag Lady at  bad squiddo games . She makes an awesome line of female wargaming models and animal models to!
This is kick starter is the second one and is called "Ghosts of Gaia Two: Reinforcements - 28mm Sci Fi female minis and here is the link. There are lots of pledge levels from individual models upwards. I'm after a group of gun toting bunnies  (yep you read that right!) I'll be honest I don't much about the company as I've only recently discovered it but the lady that runs it is super enthusiastic  (and a bit mad but in a good way!) Which is always good in this hobby. So go and check it out and why not back it! !!
Work and life have got in the way so I'm hoping to put filler on the bunkers this weekend!

Off eBay for £2

Also got these ammo boxes as some scenery for the bunker complex quite cheap of eBay.
Have a good un!

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