Thursday, 27 October 2016

Zombie books

Not quite miniatures but hey it's Halloween and some bloggers are doing zomtober so I thought I would waffle on about a series of books I've been reading.
The series is called day by day armagegdedon. It's a cracking series the first two are done in diary format so the chararcter writes about events after they happened. Which is great when he writes something like "I barely made it" makes you want to read on to find out what happened. The last 2 books he seems to go away from that format slightly but there are more characters in different places so I guess that it would be hard to stay in diary format all the time.
The first 2 books are the strongest in the series the fourth book seemed a little bit rushed I felt but still enjoyable as it carries on the story.
If you like zombie books give these a try!


  1. There awesome books to read. Not read Ghost Run yet. I missed the diary format and have read and listened to the audio books which were cool as well.

  2. I enjoyed ghost run but it did feel a bit rushed