Saturday, 8 October 2016

Games Night!!! Part 2

After our game of star wars armada we broke out thevteuated Across the Dead Earth gangs for a shootout plus the very first time my game board got used!!

Looking good I have to say

It was getting late so we only had a small game 2 loot counters and 2 rare item counters up for grabs on a quite open board (cover is you're friend in ATDE) that seemed to simulate the edge of a ruined town leading into the country side.
Both gangs came in from opposite sides and spent the first turns getting into position.  The Coggers  (my friends gang) leader made a dash for a loot counter on when turned round to run back I pulled out the trip wire event card and stopped him in his tracks. Both ganga seperated and grabbed loot on the edges of the board.  My scout hopping over the stream for a rare item which he retrieved. The centre of the board was held by the Coggers and they had been shooting at my medic and assault guy taking the medic out but once again a  handy heroism event card meant the assault dude took the hot and was healed by my medic again he was shot by a 'lucky' shot event card after my opponent missed my  medic. Again he was  healed.

Coggers hold the centre ground

I tried to flank them with my leader unfortunately I'd forgot about a Cogger lurking behind a lorry who ruthlessly shot my leader down.

Leader down!!

The infamous 'Wall' lurched over to finish my leader off but he had a surprise!! A sacrifice event card meant my leader dropped a grenade taking both of them out of the game!


In revenge for my leader falling, My sniper for into position and 2 actions 2 shots 2 downed Coggers!

My assault guy (who'd spent most the game being shot and revived) scrambled over and finished the 2 downed Coggers off.
The last few Coggers were trying to get loot back, My scout took the Coggers heavy out with his bow and arrow! 

The last Cogger made off ending the game.
Another great game a lot more bloody than our previous games but great fun. My leader survived unscathed and my friends gamg members were generally ok a few were -1 Toughness but all still alive. The rate items we found? The Coggers got a nail grenade and I got a pistol stock hmmmn think our gangs got some duff info about rare items ha ha ha ha thats all folks!!

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