Saturday, 27 August 2016

Games Night!

Last night me and the wife popped over to our friends for games night. All about smaller quicker games this time. First up was a game called Alpaca pace paca. The aim of the game is to have the best looking Alpaca with the longest neck but no dirt or you lose points.
You start of with small Alpaca and every turn you can take 2 cards (without showing anyone) discarding one and adding the other to your Alpaca or take the whole discard pile.

Above is my Alpaca with a few necklaces and the startings of a rather dashing scarf.  The game flows really fast you can also trade cards with other Alpacas so there were some trades flying around bolstering my opposition. My final turn came round and my Alpaca was looking not the best so I want for it and took the whole discard pile hoping I'd make enough points to outweigh the points I would lose for having mud on my Alpaca.

My Alpaca went off the table!!! I took the win as well yay!!!!
Next up was Sushi Go! This game took a bit (tiny bit really) more to set up. You get given a hand and take a card from it. All cards have points values so you have to choose what you think is best to get the most points.  The cards are all different sushi dishes and you can add extra points from condiments like Wasabai. Once you've selected a card you reveal it and set it down. The hand of cards you had you hand over tobthe person to the left and you get the hand from the right and you choose another card. You continue until all the cards are up and add up the scores. You go through a few more hands (saving dessert cards till last obvously).

I took the win is Sushi Go by one point! ! Woo!
Next up was Cat Tower, a very cute game about stacking cardboard cats. Now this game is deceiving as it looks easy and is dead hard! You are given a hand of cats and will a dice to decide how many cats you have to put on. There are a few options like upside down cats and getting other players to take your turn for you. Now I frankly sucked at this game ha ha ha ha and lost badly  (damned upside down cats!). 

All together a great night was had and lota of fun. We are thinking of picking up all these games for our own family game nights.
On the model front I have made up a few pirates hopefully make the rest of the crew tomorrow night.

Have great bank holiday weekend! (for us British anyway)

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