Friday, 1 July 2016

Millenium Falcon first battle

After our ATDE game we broke out the x wing game. Once again I had the rebels and my friend had the Imperials. My list was Han solo in the falcon and Luke Skywalker in an X wing. The imperials had 4 ace Tie Fighters. Now I'd been told that the list would struggle against the falcon but the points matched  (Tie fighters had various upgrades) and I told my friend about this but he insisted on playing the Imperials and I'm sure rebel scum was mentiined in the conversation!

The first few turns were the ships advancing forward each other.  The falcon was a test as it's a large model and is a tight squeeze between asteroids and ships.

There was lots of tight manouevring and the 360 degree arc falcon weapon really helped (what didn't was me forgetting skills all the time).

The falcon took some serious damage but Chewbacca my crew member was very handy at repairing and getting me a shield back. Like early on took some unlock hits which ment he had to do less moves so R2D2 could repair a shield. Slowly the rebels wore down the Tie Fighters and won the game.
What I learned was big ships require more concentration when picking a movement template.
I loved the 360 degree weapon but not the 1 agility!!

A brilliant game of X wing and was closer than we thought.
Have a great day folks

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  1. X wing is a great gam but our club has a player who has to have the biggest newest ship, whilse the rest of us believe that x wing works best with just fighters. The consequence is that we no longer play x wing as 1 player just always wants the bigger ship and spends a LONG time working out the best combination of pilots/robot etc for it! And the games are just boring now.

    1. I can't be doing that I put the falcon list together in about five minutes. I'm all about the rule of cool ☺ so mainly own ships from the films so that's why the Millenium falcon is in. The only other one I can envisage me getting is either the shuttle or slave 1. After that it's fighters because I love X wing fighters ☺