Sunday, 3 July 2016

Across the Dead Earth battle Night

Tonight was games night so I broke out ATDE (Across the Dead Earth). My gang the 78th Smethwick Irregulars and the infamous Coggers went head to head to take control of a power station and hold it.

The 78th's leader sprints for the station
The rest of the gang follows

The Coggers also advance to reaching the station first
Dead Eye Dave snipes at the Coggers trying to flank the rest of the gang
SNAFU takes out a Cogger with his assault rifle

Adahy the gangs scout takes a Cogger down with his bow (first time ever!!!!)
Selene puts her sword to good use!
Adahy has to break out his sword to fight the Cogger Wall

Arlene makes off with loot stolen from a Cogger lying in the ground
The dastardly Coggers had left a trip wire sending Selene flying
SNAFU takes out an injured Cogger

Adahy wriggles out of combat and shot Wall with his bow
With only the Cogger leader standing the gang disappeared

The game went really well i didn't manage to get pictures of the Coggers leading climbing down a ladder and shooting my leader in the face (thank you medic who chased  the leader off and healed my leader). Got some lovely loot and bought from the trader an assault rifle sight and SMG stock.

Overall an enjoyable game ☺

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