Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Yet more terrain!

Once again I have been annoying the wife by having random piles of polystyrene covered on filler spread out across the kitchen. 
I decided to (now I've learnt a new technique that is quick and effective) update some hills i first made when i got back into wargaming and one Amera Plastic hill. They were just different sized pieces of polystyrene stock on top of each other.

Above  is the only picture I had of the hills before (minus jars). I cut up a nappy box for base and glued them on. Next came the filler then sanded down and under coated.

Once undercoated I applied the effect I'd learnt for rock piles etc. I did this all over knowing I would cover a lot with flock but if the flock missed bits the rock effect paint would show through.
Below is the final result!

1st Hill
Another view of first hill
2nd hill
Amera Plastic small hill
Another view of Amera Plastic small hill

There ya go hope they look good!
Have a great day.


  1. Nice work dude it is all progressing nicely!

    1. Thank you ☺ just got the crashes gunship to attempt them I really should take a terrain break ha ha ha ha