Saturday, 14 May 2016

Unboxing Amera Plastics

This month I decided to treat myself to a bit of scenery from  Amera Plastic . I purchased the crashed gunship for a mere £4! Plus P & P.
The parcel arrived within 3 days of ordering. Sent myHermes I could track the order so knew it would be arriving today.  The parcel is well packed so the product was nice and protected.

The scenery it self is great quality with lovely details and I can't wait to get it painted up for some post apocalyspe scenery. (Gotta crack that rusted paint look)

Crashed gunship
The cockpit of the crashed gunship
Little extra details

Love this scenery. For the price and quality I will always reccomend Amera Plastics and will be investing in more soon (when the wife allows ha ha ha )
Have a great weekend folks


  1. Look forward to seeing it painted thanks for buying!

    1. No probs you guys sell great stuff keep up the good work!