Monday, 23 May 2016

More Amera Plastic Terrain

In an earlier blog you can find here I had purchased a piece of crashed gunship terrain. I've been painting this over the last few days.

I wanted the gunship to be rushed. I mainly play Across the Dead Earth where the last war was fought 80 off years ago so rusted will fit in.
I located a tutorial for painting quick and easy rust (I always struggled painting rust). Here's the link. It didn't come out quite like the final pic in the tutorial but I think it looks ok. The shiny bits are highlights of gun metal to show exposed metal not parts I missed while painting. Below is the finished article, the mud section in the piece I struggled with deciding how to do it (painting mud is hard!). So it for a bit of brown and light brown. I may add a water effect to show the grooves filling with water representing the elements.

Have a great day folks

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