Monday, 30 May 2016

Game board phase one!!

I've fancied making a game board for a while now. While helping out with cleaning at our church I discover a rather handy sized piece of wood. I quickly took ownership of it but it was threw away.  With my dad's help (me and a saw don't get many straight lines!!) The board was quickly chopped up into 9 1x1 good tiles.
My plan was to be able to move the rules around giving the game board a bit of flexibility.  I draw up a plan to have 3 tiles that were urban (so tarmac and road) some just grass and field rules and rather bravely 2 canal tiles! This is to repesent the area where I love Smethwick is right on Birmingham canal network and as that's where my across the dead earth campaign is being fought I thought it would be appropriate.
I sanded the edges of all the tiles so no splinters!  Then set to work painting them.  The three urban rules were painting a dark grey with sand mixed in to (hopefully) give a tarmac texture. The grassy boards I painted using home made mud paint.  I found a tutorial here.
I haven't started the canal sextions yet as i nees some foam board so a teip to hobby craft is in order. 
Below are the dried rules I've done.

Hopefully you can see the textures.  That's it for now need to wait for pay day before getting the materials to do anything else. Gonna need a lot of flock!!