Saturday, 21 May 2016

2nd X wing game

After our Across the Dead Earth battle my mate and I played a quick game of x wing. Once again my mate took control of 4 Tie fighters flew by aces with what skill cards I had avalible.  I had an x wing, a wing and y wing. Loaded up with some astro mechs and proton torpedoes. 

I spread my fighters out with the y wing in  the middle. I was hoping that it would attractvthe tie fighters and hold out while the x wing and a wing swung in behind. Well that was the plan but as they say no plan survives contact with the enemy.

One tie fighter inexplicably flew off the table the others battered the y wing stripping it of all shields and 3 hill points. Eventually the rebels
Had just one tie left to hunt down. After some hard manoeuvring the x wing caught the tie fighter with a long range shot and destroyed it.

Though I'm not an imperial fan I definatly need to get some more Imperial ships to give my mate a chance and more options instead of just 4 Tie fighters.
Once again another great game of x wing.