Monday, 30 May 2016

Game board phase one!!

I've fancied making a game board for a while now. While helping out with cleaning at our church I discover a rather handy sized piece of wood. I quickly took ownership of it but it was threw away.  With my dad's help (me and a saw don't get many straight lines!!) The board was quickly chopped up into 9 1x1 good tiles.
My plan was to be able to move the rules around giving the game board a bit of flexibility.  I draw up a plan to have 3 tiles that were urban (so tarmac and road) some just grass and field rules and rather bravely 2 canal tiles! This is to repesent the area where I love Smethwick is right on Birmingham canal network and as that's where my across the dead earth campaign is being fought I thought it would be appropriate.
I sanded the edges of all the tiles so no splinters!  Then set to work painting them.  The three urban rules were painting a dark grey with sand mixed in to (hopefully) give a tarmac texture. The grassy boards I painted using home made mud paint.  I found a tutorial here.
I haven't started the canal sextions yet as i nees some foam board so a teip to hobby craft is in order. 
Below are the dried rules I've done.

Hopefully you can see the textures.  That's it for now need to wait for pay day before getting the materials to do anything else. Gonna need a lot of flock!!

Monday, 23 May 2016

More Amera Plastic Terrain

In an earlier blog you can find here I had purchased a piece of crashed gunship terrain. I've been painting this over the last few days.

I wanted the gunship to be rushed. I mainly play Across the Dead Earth where the last war was fought 80 off years ago so rusted will fit in.
I located a tutorial for painting quick and easy rust (I always struggled painting rust). Here's the link. It didn't come out quite like the final pic in the tutorial but I think it looks ok. The shiny bits are highlights of gun metal to show exposed metal not parts I missed while painting. Below is the finished article, the mud section in the piece I struggled with deciding how to do it (painting mud is hard!). So it for a bit of brown and light brown. I may add a water effect to show the grooves filling with water representing the elements.

Have a great day folks

Saturday, 21 May 2016

2nd X wing game

After our Across the Dead Earth battle my mate and I played a quick game of x wing. Once again my mate took control of 4 Tie fighters flew by aces with what skill cards I had avalible.  I had an x wing, a wing and y wing. Loaded up with some astro mechs and proton torpedoes. 

I spread my fighters out with the y wing in  the middle. I was hoping that it would attractvthe tie fighters and hold out while the x wing and a wing swung in behind. Well that was the plan but as they say no plan survives contact with the enemy.

One tie fighter inexplicably flew off the table the others battered the y wing stripping it of all shields and 3 hill points. Eventually the rebels
Had just one tie left to hunt down. After some hard manoeuvring the x wing caught the tie fighter with a long range shot and destroyed it.

Though I'm not an imperial fan I definatly need to get some more Imperial ships to give my mate a chance and more options instead of just 4 Tie fighters.
Once again another great game of x wing.

Clays Battle (Across the Dead Earth battle)

Another games night brought another game of Across the Dead Earth. So I thought I would try a battle report from one models perspective (I'd seen this idea on another blog).  The game set the Concrete Jungle Savages meet the Coggers on an abandoned road to fight over loot.

Clay starts by sprinting to some abandoned ruins to search for loot
Keeping a low profile Clay spies some loot in a building
Clay grabs the loot but spies a heavy fight going on in the centre of the battlefield
Clay sees Thermite the medic get taken out and sprints over to help

Through the abandoned vehicles Clay spots a Cogger and charges
Clays over confidence means he does not connect with his sword and the Cogger slips out of his grasp and raises his rifle
Ah crap assault rifle blast in the face!

River exacts swift revenge but having no medic training has to watch while Clays bleeds out.

That was the end for Clay. Luckily he managed to pull through. The rest of the gang had a brutal fight, the medic Thermite was knocked out by the first shot of the game and then put ouf of the game with another shot. My leader tried to help and was left exposed but took a Cogger down. Then he met Wall the Coggers hand to hand machine (riot shield and sword) it went as well as could be expected.  Savage sid went down hard.  A very angry River stepped up and swiftly dispatched wall with her 2 handed axe.  She went on to take another Cogger out before being clubbed to the ground. The survivors took their loot grabbed their wounded and headed home.  With 4 gang members took out including both leaders the kills were even but the Coggers got 100 pts to the Savages 60 pts so took the win.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Yet more terrain!

Once again I have been annoying the wife by having random piles of polystyrene covered on filler spread out across the kitchen. 
I decided to (now I've learnt a new technique that is quick and effective) update some hills i first made when i got back into wargaming and one Amera Plastic hill. They were just different sized pieces of polystyrene stock on top of each other.

Above  is the only picture I had of the hills before (minus jars). I cut up a nappy box for base and glued them on. Next came the filler then sanded down and under coated.

Once undercoated I applied the effect I'd learnt for rock piles etc. I did this all over knowing I would cover a lot with flock but if the flock missed bits the rock effect paint would show through.
Below is the final result!

1st Hill
Another view of first hill
2nd hill
Amera Plastic small hill
Another view of Amera Plastic small hill

There ya go hope they look good!
Have a great day.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Unboxing Amera Plastics

This month I decided to treat myself to a bit of scenery from  Amera Plastic . I purchased the crashed gunship for a mere £4! Plus P & P.
The parcel arrived within 3 days of ordering. Sent myHermes I could track the order so knew it would be arriving today.  The parcel is well packed so the product was nice and protected.

The scenery it self is great quality with lovely details and I can't wait to get it painted up for some post apocalyspe scenery. (Gotta crack that rusted paint look)

Crashed gunship
The cockpit of the crashed gunship
Little extra details

Love this scenery. For the price and quality I will always reccomend Amera Plastics and will be investing in more soon (when the wife allows ha ha ha )
Have a great weekend folks

Monday, 9 May 2016

Quiet week

Sorry it's been a quiet week me and the family have been ill at the start of the week and camping this weekend so not much modelling or gaming.
We were camping in Weston super Mare so I thought it would be rude if I didn't visit 7th Heaven Games new real world store not just online. The online store is here . After dragging the family around some streets we found the shop in an office  above a cafe (always good to have a supply of food nearby!) and Robert the manager/owner met us as we climbed the steps  with a warm friendly welcome. Inside there were a few tables set up ready to play and a nice selection of goods. I picked up the mercenaries Aysha and Nisha for Across the Dead Earth. So if your ever down Weston drop down and say hello!

While we were camping after the kids were asleep I made up my gang for the Across the Dead Earth  tournament. Went a bit away from what I would normally  but hey who dares wins (well hopefully at least one game) !
While camping we did manage to squeeze in a slightly easier version game of Zombies!!

I love this game and ita really eaay to play with lots of zombie killing action. Have a great day folks!