Thursday, 28 April 2016

X-Wing Asteroids

As I'm getting into X wing I thought I would try and make 3d asteroids instead of using the counters that come with the game.
I'd seen a YouTube video  with a tutorial of how to make them. This involved hacking chunks of polystyrene up . As this Is a very messy job and there is a strong possibility my wife would object to bits of polystyrene everywhere I started with some polystyrene egg shapes (wanted ball shapes but poundland was all out and only had these) from Poundland. On the video they use spray paint to under coat the polystyrene. As many of you will be aware spray painting polystyrene is never a good idea however some lightly the melting that occurs actually makes it look like the surface of an asteroid.

I put the egg  shapes on old flying model stands and sprayed away. As you can see in pic above I got the desired effect but not all over. So i left them to dry. I then applied superglue but nothing....a flash of genius (more likely stupidity ) came to me and i broke out that cigarette lighter you always have in that draw of odds and ends that you never use.  These have a brilliant effect and you could burn craters into the egg shapes. There were only a few little fires  (mainly the one or two I'd just tried superglue on).

Not the best photos I appreciate but I think you can see the effect.

First lot of brown paint on I might add a wash later.

And above are the asteroids in their first outing!!

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