Wednesday, 23 March 2016

X-Wing Miniatures

Got my small rebel squadron together. With the 2 starter sets and rebel aces  I've got 2 X wings (technically a T-65 and T-70), an A-Wing and a B-wing. I want to add a Y-wing  so I have all the ships from the films (minus the big ships obviously ). To match this I will eventually need to add more ships to the Imperial forces. I have 4 Tie fighters. Each ship in the game has a points value and the standard battle seems to be 100pts. The rebel ships are generally better than the Imperial but the Imperial forces tend to be cheaper. Looking on the list creator app I have i can have all four rebel ships as long as the I take low skilled pilots or 3 with better pilots. Comparatively the Imperials get around 6-8 ships with fairly skilled pilots.
The models themselves are really nicely detailed and look superb.  They are a little fiddly and you have to be careful (away from grabbing toddlers).

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