Wednesday, 10 February 2016

X Wing Miniature Game

Spending some Christmas money I purchased the x wing miniatures game, I really fancied the Armada version of the game but it was to pricey for me. For my big ship battles I'll have to look else where. One thing i love as much as post apocalyptic stuff is sci fi stuff mainly space ships ☺ Finally got round to opening the box and having a proper look through. The box it self is great quality and well presented, showing off the three space ships you get.  (2 Tie Fighters and 1 X-Wing).

Inside all the tokens you need are on a pop out cardboard sheet. Great quality and nice art work. Plus a bag of dice specific to the game, a range market and cards representing ship damage and stop pilots. Inside the rulebook there are a few missions for you to play and some of the pop out sheets have tokens representing asteroids and satellites.

Next up the is the models. They are really nicely detailed. I was a bit disappointed to find they were plastic. I thought with the cost of extra ships (around £12 for one X-Wing) they might be metal.
They fit on stands which are a little fiddly and I managed to break on connector on a Tie Fighter. So I've had to repair it. With a bit of gentle turning they slot  in easy. The stands are designed to have cards slide into them and the movement templates and fit on the front and back.

Here is the Tie Fighter repair

So that's it. I'd like a bigger fleet but with the costs it might take Some Time. Hopefully I'll get a game soon. Have a great day folks


  1. Sounds good. One of my other mates picked this up it seems like it has some interesting game mechanics.

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  2. Yeah you choose you're movement on a dial which no one can see until you reveal it