Sunday, 31 January 2016

Across the Dead Earth Game and Vehicle Rules Testing

Last night saw me and my friend do battle once more in the post apocalyptic ruins of Smethwick.  The Coggers and 78th Smethwick Iregulars met while scavenging in their new vehicles. The Irregulars does down the main road dropping off a sniper, their scout and leader to explore the ruins and find some good loot. The Coggers stayed in their new pick ups

The Coggers in their new pick ups
The Irregulars roll up in their cars
Several Irregulars jump out to investigate the ruined buildings

In the Coggers eagerness they took the turn to fast and spun out! They made up for it by flying down the main road and head on into the Irregular's car! Amazingly no one was hurt.

The Coggers one vehicle spins out
Head on crash!

The rest of the vehicles all piled in with each getting rammed and shot. Each side grabbed some loot , the Irregulars took up positions either side of the main road. While the Coggers fought from their vehicles.

Irregular sniper takes pot shots at the Coggers

SNAFU the Irregulars assault specialist gets a lucky hit with his assault rifle and one Coggers vehicle explodes !! Taking out all but one occupant. Both sides then retreated back home with there loot.

Boom! SNAFUs assault rifle blast hits the petrol tank of the Coggers vehicle!

Up next we just went through some possible in game scenarios to have a crack at different rules for the vehicles I had wrote and the ones the games designer had sent over to see what we thought.
Cracking night of Across the Dead Earth!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

In readiness for my Across the Dead Earth game I wanted to get some paint on my vehicles. So kids all in bed I broke out the paints.

This I my post apoc racer. It's red because red cars go faster.  I added 3 machine guns because every PA car needs guns!!. There's a sword strapped to the spoiler for any road rate incidents. The car also has flames down the side (albeit badly painted! ) because flames on card are cool! (Maybe probably not so hot on my fiesta )

Not so happy with this one as I feel it's a bit dark. It's supposed to be the tank version of a car with lots of corrugated steel welded to it. It may get changed later but it will do for the game .
As an extra but I also glued my kingdom of britannia HMG section together.

That's all for now I'll put up a post about the game after its all done with. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Been awhile I know

Sorry it's been awhile not been up to much on the gaming front. Been busy at work and with the family plus a weekend away in London checking out the science museum, natural history museum and imperial war museum (my personal favourite). I've got an Across the Dead Earth game night planned for next week where we will be giving vehicle rules a test some I have wrote and possibly some from one of the games creators as he has a few ideas he might like testing. I have the vehicles primed but not painted but that does not matter really.

No primed pictures yet sorry. Also I've also started a piece of scenery that will hopefully look like a post apocalyptic water plant or something along those lines.

Last night my wife and I decided that we would try once a week  (diary permitting him) to do a games night with the kids (2yr old and 6 month old so only the one kid so far really).  So after tea, the t.v. was off Absolute Radio Classic rock was on and we broke out Tracks and Tunnels.  A version of snakes and ladders but using trains. After several games the little one went off to bed and we broke out Firefly the board game  (I had bought this back at the Games Expo ). It's a massive game to set up with a good 5 or 6 decks of cards to be put out. All the cards, tokens  and the game board are really nice quality.  My wife and I found reading through the instruction book made the game sound super complicated. Once we had started the game it became a lot more simpler in practice. So my advice would be read the rules briefly then get stuck into the game and figure it out as you go. The basic principle of the game is you are a new space captain and looking for work legal or illegal. You need to buy fuel, parts, equilment and crew to keep flying and  making a living whik e dodging the Alliance and Reavers. It is very steeped in Firefly lore as you'd imagine so some knowledge of Firefly or the film Serenity would be useful. You draw a story card (for the first time you play there is a basic story card).  The story card will have a number of goals
once you have attained All these goals you head to a finishing planet where you win. The goals range from smuggling, cargo hauling to bank robbery. If you love boardgames and Firefly or Serenity you'll love this.

Thats all for this week. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Happy new year everyone! I've been ramblings on this blog for almost a year now. Thank you to each and everyone one of you that has read it and commented. I know I'm not the best painter or modeller but I love it all the same and thanks to this blog I've tried new things and i think am improving. Plans for this year? Well I'm not really certain. Finish my post apocalyptic vehicles and models from my pile of waiting to be assembled first then there is always my very slow moving 15mm zombie game to get bits for. I'm also sure I'll find other models to make paint! Have yourself a great 2016