Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dystopian Legions Line Infantry

Just finished my section (with the exception of one tiny job) of Kingdom of Britannica. The models themselves are really nice lots of detail. A few had little bits of sprue or something from casting process that had to be removed. The only major issue that I had (though I hadn't noticed until I sat down to paint them) was the lieutenant who appeared to be missing a hand!! Going to rectify this by trying to give him a hook as he's a grizzled veteran.
Painting them was fairly simple I went with the old red coats with white trousers, they are blue on the box but hey I grew up watching Sharpe and love it so white trousers it is!  Obviously more justice would have been done to the models with someone else's painting skill but I'm slowly learning. Now starting the black watch section.
Have a great day guys

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