Thursday, 15 October 2015

Don't Forget the Fluff!

Finally my Dystopian legions stuff arrived! Can't wait to put them together. Once I fought my way through the packaging I got to the goodies. I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. Not by the products themselves the models look great though they don't have instructions so gonna have to fire up the brain and have a fiddle. The packaging around the models was a white box, the models all wrapped up in bubble wrap and a slip of paper saying the rules are online. Not what I was expecting. The starter set I bought had a box with great art work and had with some cards with stats on for the miniatures. What I got today felt like someone had just thrown the models in a box and sent them to Wayland games to send to me. I get some of it is due to cost cutting etc but surely a proper box isn't too much effort?  Part of why I love gaming is the fluff,  the art work,  the little stories etc. This is what I loved when you open up some newly purchased  models, rules etc. When I first got into 40k I loved the background stuff for all the models. Reading the pdf rules for Dystopian legions is great the artwork is nice and lots of little descriptions really sell it so this is why I was a little sad with my plain white box.
On a minor point pdfs are great for allowing access to rules at a cheaper price but man I miss a good printed rulebook. The last one I bought was for Across the Dead earth. It's a great book with all the fluff I love.
So basically I love all the background to games some people love the painting side but me I love playing and absorbing all the background history that goes with it. Hopefully I'll get the models put together soon.
Have a great day

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