Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Another Week

Hello again guys, 

This week I've been doing a few bits though mostly in awaiting my second child so been quite busy getting ready for that!
The milliput arrived and I've secured the trees and tried to make it look like tree roots. Now it's dry I need to score them and try and make them look root 'like'. The abandoned tank needs some flock added and I've started a piece of terrain with hopefully a small pond. This is my first ever attempt at something like this so fingers crossed. It involved layering cardboard to allow a hole then sealing the hole with filler. Now I'm just waiting for the filler to dry before I break out the paints. 

Oh also the shattered crown kickstarter I pledged on failed which sucks but the market seems to be flooded with new fantasy games and this one missed out this time but the great guys at dead earth games will be back. To cheer myself up I bought a new gang for across the dead earth more on them when they arrive. Give the dead earth site a visit here and have a look at the excellent Across the Dead Earth plus all the news on the shattered crown. 

That's all for now bye!

Monday, 20 July 2015

Bits and bobs

This week I've been working on some trees to add foliage to my battlefields. Bought some model railway trees off eBay and added them to some spare foamboard cuts I had. I also decided to add a campfire as I had a few tea lights left from my competition build. Also I found a quick build model challenger tank that I can make look abandoned for some extra scatter terrain. So far the trees have got basic paint on a I'm waiting for some milliput to arrive to fix the trees more securely.
Have yourselves a good un!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Games Rule Testing 2

I tweaked a few things and tried another play test. Any zombies now not within in line of sight will move towards the nearest gunfire if no gun fire they will move using scatter dice or towards other zombies...still to decide lol
I knocked a point off the traits to make it a bit harder to kill zombies.
For this play test I added 2 more zombie hordes making total number up to 35. I don't mind lots of the zombies that's kind of the point for me a large scale zombie fight! I'm inspired by the large zombie batiks from the book World War Z
Now just need sone models.....

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Games Rule Testing

I decided to start a slow burning project (ie when time and money allow). I was to try a 15mm. Zombie game. I have toyed with the idea of 6mm as I basically want a large zombie horde fighting a fairways military. 6mm would allow for loss of Zombies but I felt 15mm hotbeds you that little bit note detail while still keeping cost down and space usage down. I was inspired by this bloggers way off doing cheap easy zombie hordes, you can see the blog here. Also access to free buildings you can print out and make.
I got some free rules (FUBAR) but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to write my own. The rules I write (or am trying) are going to be very specific to zombies. The basic is all done with D10. To kill a zombie you need a 9 or 10 you can add a modifier depending on your level of experience. I tried to incorporate the horrors of a zombie apocalypse by adding a mettle test if a model see or hears someone become zombie food they have to pass it other wise they freeze or panic and flee.
The rules are mainly aimed at single or Co op play. (can be played two player as well. Human vs zombie \ human vs human with added zombies)
Using paper I thought I'd test these rules out. After an initial game of four soldiers, one officer, 20 zombies and 1 zombie horde my thoughts are:
- May need to add 'jam' to shooting roll (lots and lots of shooting success throughout game)
- Need to up the ratios of zombie to human.
-"I heard screams" skill radius should get reduced.
The 5 soldiers mowed through the zombies. On the one hand I want lots of zombie kids but I don't want it to be to easy. If I add the weapon jam it brings another element of chance that could bring the zombies closer.
More zombies is always good!
The I heard screams taos is just to large for a 15mm game.
I'll make a few changes and give it a go