Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Across the Dead Earth Factions #1 Here is one of my gangs for the game Across the Dead Earth. Now you would think of start this with pics of the gang is played my first game with (78th Smethwick Irregulars) however I'm not happy with the paint scheme so they've been striped and awaiting a new coat of paint. 'the Fighting Spanner's' The fighting spanner's are a forward expeditionary squad of the engineers guild. The engineers guild value knowledge and technology so they send out the squads to scout and scour the wastes for either. The 'Spanners' set out from the settlement called the Rag Market in what used to be Birmingham after reports of the State moving into the ruins of Smethwick. The engineers guild does not want the state to find any tech or to get a foothold in the area.
Rufus is the leader of the squad, born and raised in the rag market. He is known for always having a plan and tinkering with all manner of hand held tech
Jade is the squads heavy back up. Her motto is "Any problem can be solved with explosives"
Sparks is the squads medic, he sees medicine as just another form of engineering though he always keeps his shotgun handy!
Lara is an angry lady, many people on the guild have tried to teach her but if things don't work they get broke! So she was recommended to the expeditionary squads where she thrives with bat and shotgun.
Zero started out as a hunter in the wilds of Canon hill park until he was hired by the guild as a guard. After single handedly rescuing Rufus from ten Solus he was recruited into the 'Fighting Spanners" That's the Fighting Spanners. Keep an eye out for the next gang Mart

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